August 3, 2020

Flirt and other 9 things you should never do at the company dinner – La Provincia

With the beginning of the month of December and the Christmas holidays around the corner, many companies take the opportunity to organize the usual dinners. The workers of the office meet to leave the traditional space in which they normally meet.

However, there are a number of aspects to take into account when attending these celebrations and that we must try to avoid so as not to generate misunderstandings or embarrassing situations. An example is to link with the boss or boss, but there is more things you should not do at the company dinner.

Talk about work alone

Although it is a business dinner, it is not convenient to be talking about work all the time. Not in vain, it's a good time to know more of your colleagues and your tastes.

Say something inappropriate

The extra drinks can cause you to say something about someone who is not very suitable. You should also avoid inappropriate conversations or issues that may be controversial such as politics or religion, as they may end up in discussions.

Bundling with a partner

The night of the company dinner is not the best moment to spark a spark between two people in the office. And less if the situation begins in view of the rest of coworkers.


Ask for a salary increase

Take advantage of the fact that the boss has taken more than one glass to ask for the increase in soil It may seem like a good first idea, but the next day or at the same time the result of the conversation may end up against you.

Eat like there's no tomorrow

It is necessary to keep the forms a little at mealtime and not to do it as if we were at home. Also, it is important not to criticize the place of the dinner, as it can hurt sensitivities.

Choose inappropriate dress

Depends on the kind of company that is or the place where you dine, it is advisable to maintain a stylistic basis to attend the appointment. It is best to search a medium term between the informal and arranged.

Go with the couple

Like it's not good to flirt, it's not good either be accompanied by the couple. Being a corporate dinner, he or she does not paint anything at the event.


Spend the drinks

To avoid embarrassing situations, the best option ends up being control what you drink And do not overdo the drinks.

Become a friend of the boss

Finally, being a dinner, the atmosphere you breathe can lead you to think that you are colleague of your boss and to treat it as such. Something that can lead to situations that turn against you when asking for favors such as the aforementioned salary increase.


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