'Flip' invites babies to the theater Hespérides – La Provincia

'Flip' invites babies to the theater Hespérides - La Provincia

Can a baby understand the keys to a fantastic trip to the seasons? More than it seems. Throughout three moments (presentation, shared play and theater), Flip, a sensory trip, the assembly of Accelerate Productions that is presented in the theater Hesperides of Santa María de Guía Today, Sunday, December 30 (two functions at 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm), he tries to make even more sensitive the invisible affective bonds that unite parents and mothers with their children.

Tickets are on sale at www.aceleraproducciones.com and at the Tourism Office of Santa María de Guía (Calle San José, 7).

"Our poetic language aims to be at the height of the infinite capacities with which human beings are born", says the dancer and child pedagogue Susana Bros who, together with the actress Sara Santana, the puppeteer Pedro Pérez, the musician Gustavo Déniz, star in this delicate assembly directed by Pedro Pérez and that you saw Nauzet Afonso. In all the scenic spaces in which it has been presented Flip to date it has aroused an evident interest among adults who wish to enter accompanied by their sons and daughters in an intense and new dimension full of plasticity and suggestions.

Conceived for precocious spectators from three months to four years of age, in Flip, a sensory trip, babies, adults and artists literally on stage, enjoy a staging with a symbolic language based on the invisible threads of affection that weave and separate parents and mothers of their own children. That first and amazing journey through the world through which you will experience with astonishment and curiosity the sensations that this offers you.

Live melodies, colors, smells, textures, dance, juggling and interaction are the resources used in this first production aimed at early childhood in which it embarks Accelerate. Only 40 people enjoy the function of this experience that, taking into account the idiosyncrasy of such tiny spectators, takes care of every detail so that the objectives of the same can be fulfilled without any problems. For this reason, the theater has been flavored with a peculiar smell and the temperature of the room has been controlled, as well as the measured use of light and sound pyrotechnics to avoid shocks in babies.

Despite the fact that the work is designed for early childhood, those responsible for this initiative do not forget the adults who accompany the babies, and therefore from the moment they enter the theater, they are already an active part of the work, becoming the protagonists who will accompany the little Flip in his particular sensory journey traveling the seasons.

The aforementioned show, which premiered last May at the Guiniguada Theater from the capital of Gran Canaria, will be represented again on February 24 next year in the municipality of Arucas.


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