Flights from Madrid to the Canary Islands, from 19 euros - La Provincia

Flights from Madrid to the Canary Islands, from 19 euros - La Provincia

Iberia Express has launched a promotional campaign in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands as "proof of its commitment to both archipelagos" and, in this way, has offered flights from Madrid to Madrid from 10 euros and from Madrid to the Canary Islands from 19 euros.

As reported by the airline in a statement, this price offer is completed with "a broad and varied frequency proposal, designed to suit the preferences and needs of all types of travelers."

The campaign aims to demonstrate "the commitment of the airline with both communities", which it flies from almost the first day of operations, and with which it has "a close relationship" given the large volume of operations it has with both.

For this reason, the campaign, which will be active until March 10, will announce the airline's program in both archipelagos, which offers more than 21 daily connections with Madrid.

As far as flights are concerned, in the case of the Canary Islands, Iberia Express makes available to its passengers this winter season about 16 daily flights. Tenerife and Gran Canaria connect with Madrid daily with more than six frequencies, reaching a total of 46 weekly flights in the case of Tenerife and 43 in Gran Canaria.

The Majorera Island, meanwhile, connects with Madrid with nine weekly frequencies and Lanzarote with 11. La Palma, already has a daily connection with Madrid, a connection that, in addition, operates with the A321 airplane model, with the largest number of seats.

As far as the Balearic Islands are concerned, Palma has five daily flights with Madrid distributed throughout the day.


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