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Flight 19 takes Ponseti to Latin America to the rhythm of the mystery

Fruit of an obsession that arose when he read in his childhood the book "The Bermuda Triangle", by Charles Berlitz, the Spaniard José Antonio Ponseti decided to delve into the mysteries of Flight 19, a squad of five US torpedo hunters. UU. which disappeared on December 5, 1945 in the Caribbean Sea.

This was reflected in "Flight 19", a novel published in Latin America by the Penguin Random House publishing house in which the reporter of the Cadena Ser says that "he has at least 75 or 80% truth" about what happened with that squad that was manned by 14 men.

"When I went to live in Miami, I realized that Flight 19 is still very present. Today, every December 5, the missing persons of Flight 19 are still being remembered in Fort Lauderdale (Florida). There is also a statue, a monument at the airport and I began to investigate, "says Ponseti in an interview with Efe in Bogotá.

Three months after the end of World War II, the five torpedo hunters left Fort Lauderdale at 2:10 p.m. local time for shooting practice and were supposed to return at 5:23 p.m., something that never happened.

"That same night that Flight 19 disappears, the United States sets up a giant search for these men with 300 planes and almost 40 ships. That same night another plane disappears, Training 49, leaving no trace just like Flight 19. It's say that at the end of that December 5 6 planes and 27 men disappeared, "he adds.

However, Ponseti says that something that made him "crazy" is that 21 days after the accident, in which all the crew of the planes were given as missing, the brother of one of them received a telegram in which his relative ( George Paonessa) informed him that he was alive and signed as his mother told him when he was little.

"My search was if someone had really survived Flight 19. So much to tell us for so many years what happened in the Bermuda Triangle and maybe there was not so much of the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe more things had happened and that's how I Enter all this madness that has ended in the book, "he adds.

In that sense, he explains that Flight 19 disappeared in 1945 but clarifies that the Bermuda Triangle begins to be spoken in 1950.

To write the novel, Ponseti conducted an investigation of more than three years that was initially going to end in a radio podcast but he reached a point where he realized that "it seemed much easier to read and much more enjoyable" if It was told in a book as "an action movie."

"We have done something that is not usually done and that is that at the end of the novel I asked the publishing house to let me put, apart from the character guide so that no one was lost and thanks, an author's note to tell what is true and what is imagination, "he says.

He adds: "Many people have had many surprises because suddenly many things they thought was the result of my imagination have said: is that this happened well, these characters exist."

On the creative process, he said that the most difficult part after collecting the information for more than three years was where to start the book, for which he used the message of the telegram: "You have been misinformed about me, I am very much alive".

"My concern at the time was that I had so much information that I didn't want to overwhelm the reader, I didn't want the reader to open the first page, see 20 names and 30 situations, and on page five, tell me how beautiful it is to fit the TV, It has a good size because there is no one to read it, "he says with a laugh.

Although the book was released for the first time last April, it already has four editions in Spain, it is presented in the USA. and Colombia, something that the author blames on the story of George Paonessa, "who supposedly sent the telegram."

"Of all those missing from Flight 19, he is the only one who has a grave in (the cemetery of) Arlington (Virginia) that is empty. And not only that, in 1950 an ex-girlfriend of his declared that he had spoken to him a couple of times in California, that is, what started me crazy at all in the investigation is that how can it be that of the 14 disappeared there is one who has a telegram, "he adds.

That is why he criticizes the United States Navy, "who did a job for five days of thorough search but made many mistakes."

"We have a lot of data to know much more about Flight 19 than we knew and this is what I tell in the book, of course many people who have been linked to the mystery are surprised to see all the information about Flight 19" concludes Ponseti.

Jorge Gil Angel

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