Flexibilize the charges, a conscious solution for work teams

Flexibilize the charges, a conscious solution for work teams

Working as a team has become the mantra of a commercial team of a multinational and also of the steering committee of an SME: it is sought to work adding. Experts say that there are levels of commitment to teamwork, so that, depending on the degree of synergy and collaboration that exists, teams range from working groups to high-performance teams. But once we look closely at the behaviors and habits of the professionals in the teams, the automatic habit may be to perceive a boss as a rival and the information is a matter of private ownership of the position.

What is behind the charges

It is a supposition to believe that there is a correlation between the position (position) and worth of the person. It seems logical that, who holds a position, he deserves it for his talent. 'But we all have in our heads an infinity of cases where this is not the case,' he explains. Antonio Galindo, psychologist and director of Asemo Consulting, a team of psychologists experts in conscious transformation of companies.

'There are excellent directors who solve problems effectively but their managerial skills leave much to be desired. There are political managers who have come to where they are, not because they have special qualities of leadership, but because they agree at the level of image, "says the expert. 'We are not in the workplace because of the adaptation of our capabilities to the demands of the job. Sometimes the ways to access the positions can be contacts, recommendations and internal conveniences that justify the need to hire, promote, rotate or relocate professionals who do not meet the necessary skills' -explains Galindo.

Conscious companies state that every human being has a life purpose and that work must be an expression of this. "We do not mean that there is a single purpose of life that remains rigid in time, but that, at every moment, people develop the work that represents their personal qualities to the maximum. Through this process they grow and have access to new inner visions that lead them to new positions or new dedications. In this way the work is an opportunity for the expression of the Being of the people and not an end in itself'- ​​the psychologist sustains.

From managers to consultants, a real case

To be seen in a clearer way, the expert explains it with an example in a real company that recently tried: 'When Manuel takes charge of the business, up to 10 car dealers were part of the group. He assumes the position of general manager at the request of the group's owner, leaving his management in a dealership and becoming the head of his concession colleagues. Knowing that the other 9 managers would also have wanted to occupy his new position, he decides to organize a circular command structure in which there are no managers per concessionaire but internal consultants for areas of expertise.

This case -explains Galindo- illustrates how the management-dealer binomial can be transformed and to ensure that each manager is the leader of what they are good at and what they enjoy. The name of manager is changed to that of internal business consultant, while all managers act as leaders in all the concessionaires but each one, from their individual aptitude: communication, sales, expansion, information technology, creativity, negotiation … And for each concessionaire, these business consultants spend monthly, without exercising the rigid position of exclusive manager of all the tasks in the same space.

The key is to propose an alternative circularity to the rigidity of a management structure in which each team / concessionaire is an exact replica of the other in terms of the isolated assumption of managerial tasks. Now, each team's business consultant exercises his specialty in all the concessions and not only in one, enriching, with his dedication, his own individual diversity and the functionality of the different teams.

Professional life is movement inside and outside

As the inner development of the person is dynamic, in conscious teams the positions are not private property of the people but are available to the organization, depending on the personal qualities, the evolution and the enjoyment that comes with carrying out the tasks of the position. The charge is a reflection of the person's genuine contribution.

When the person has reached the limit of their development in the same position, the person leaves it and the post is designed to suit them. This new position is a direct consequence of its internal expression. Maybe the previous post disappears (because there are no people who represent it). In fact, the debugging of positions is an effective strategy to readjust the structure of the company based on the internal progress of its professionals.

Once a team captures talents, the context should be the breeding ground for each person to give their best, expand and develop. It is not enough to propose a change of organizational model or a permanent improvement training program but to support the individuals to connect with their best way of contributing to the team.

The expert summarizes:

What we are is expressed through:

– Qualities

– Sensations

– Aptitudes

– Effortless flow

– Skills

'We survive through our mind, our heart and our body. A conscious team is based and promotes what is inside each person because there are no collective brains but individual talents that others receive. So the commitment with us and with the company is due to our individuality, knowing us and building (in the organization or outside of it) the work that represents us the best of us. In this way, the contribution to the team is guaranteed, "he concludes.


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