Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Fiz: "The HPS San Silvestre is the best way to end the year" - La Provincia

Fiz: "The HPS San Silvestre is the best way to end the year" - La Provincia

The athlete from Vitoria Martin Fiz, who at 55 years old has just broken the Spanish record of 10 kilometers in the category of veterans, invites all Gran Canaria to participate in the seventeenth Hospital Perpetuo Socorro San Silvestre. The innkeeper praised the climate of the Islands and recognizes the rise of fashion running. "The women have taken to the streets and that is something very positive, since before they were hardly seen in the popular races."

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HPS San Silvestre expects to reach 12,000 runners in this edition, a thousand more than in 2017. "It is the best way to end the year, to say goodbye to 2018 in a healthy way, and that helps one to feel better in the Christmas dates, "said Fiz, who will not be able to participate in this year's race. "I want to come with my family next year, spend the holidays in Gran Canaria and run the San Silvestre," he says.

The athlete, first in the world to win in the category of veterans the six most important marathons in the world (known as the Six Majors ), he was on the island recently and enjoyed his daily workouts on the Paseo de Las Canteras. "The weather helps a lot, prevents injuries and is great to compete," he said. He has no problems in staying motivated to continue training. "It's been a while since my life as an athlete ended but I like to continue participating in popular races," he explained.

The Vitoria has set a goal for 2019. "I stayed three seconds behind the world record of veterans in the 10 kilometers, so I'll start there," he acknowledged. Also, it will not leave long distances. "I want to run the 42 kilometers of the Paris marathon, but without hurry."

Fiz, gold medal in the Europeans of Helsinki (1994), emphasizes the importance that everyone has to find their rhythm. "La San Silvestre is a good race because you run against your brand from last year and you have a challenge at your level," he said. The innkeeper insists that "the important thing is that people play sports, but there are limits, you do not have to obsess, the people's medal is to finish the race," he added.

For Fiz it is important to get involved in the sport as soon as possible. "It is the great pending issue of Spain, sports in schools," he said. The vitoriano, who got hooked running At school, he says it's never too late to start. "This type of popular tests are ideal to start, because they are short distances in which the body does not suffer as in the long," he said. In addition, he stressed that the money from the registration is intended for charitable causes. "It's a very positive event because it invites people to play sports and also raises funds for NGOs."

The long distance runner, who recently recovered from an accident that left him with four broken ribs, admits that he now leaves with "more respect" to train. "It has been a return with drama, since a traffic accident leaves sequels," he acknowledged. "Now I cross the pedestrian crossings more slowly and look four times on each side," he added. Fiz believes that road safety must be reinforced. "The road is a space where everyone has to live, cars, bikes, runners and pedestrians," he insisted. Still, running has returned the smile. "Behind every runner there is a story and sport has helped them physically and mentally," said the former world champion.


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