Five works that you can not miss from Almudena Grandes – La Provincia

Five works that you can not miss from Almudena Grandes - La Provincia

Almudena Grandes has been awarded this Tuesday with the National Narrative Award 2018 thanks to his novel 'Dr. García's patients'. The work is part of three others in the saga 'Episodes of an endless war', which is about the Civil War and the Second World War in Spain.

If you are a book lover, you will know that Almudena Grandes is one of the most successful writers in Spain. His novels get to the hearts of readers and therefore, we have made a selection of 5 works that you can not miss:

1. 'Dr. García's patients', 2017

The play is a part of the series'Episodes of an Endless War', one of its greatest successes that has already spread throughout the world. The story is about the lives of characters who live various events of the Second World War and during the Franco regime.

2. The frozen heart ', 2007

It begins with the death of a very successful powerful businessman during the Franco era. In his memory a funeral takes place in which one of his sons meets a beautiful young woman, granddaughter of exiled republicans of France. It is a work that you can not stop reading because it will capture your attention until the end.

3. 'The ages of Lulu', 1989

Love story whose main theme is Lulu's obsession for a man who feels very attracted and with whom he already had a passionate relationship in his youth.

4. 'Cardboard clubs', 2004

History is characterized by the loss of innocence and bad habits of its protagonists. It unfolds in a sad and nostalgic environment in which one of the friends of the main characters dies.

5. 'Kisses in the pan', 2015

It's a moving novel about the current crisis that it's about the resistance that people of different social extraction and diverse purchasing power have.


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