Five wines from the supermarket at a great price to save in February

This month we bring you some Really great wine suggestions for less than five euros. But something very important is that we start at less than three euros, so that everyone can choose and enjoy a few, as it suits them best at all times, because we understand that there are circumstances for everything, but that all of us who like the wine we like the best value for money.

Ten reds to fall in love with the Mencia grape for less than ten euros

Ten reds to fall in love with the Mencia grape for less than ten euros

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Fortunately, throughout Spain, we have great examples that give us all the designations of origin of quite affordable spectacular vinazos for all pockets, to choose. Of course, it depends on the tastes of each one and we must also take into account what we are going to eat.

That’s why we also recommend pairing with products that we can easily find in the supermarket. For example, if we recommend foie or game meats, keep in mind that in DIA, Aldi and Lidl (it is bad that we are so specific since we do not have the slightest intention of advertising, especially since they do not sponsor us for it), we can find delicatessen at very affordable prices. That, with what we are living and hardly leaving home, we must indulge in try to be happy and get vaccinated against depression.

1. Puente de Piedra reserve 2016

Headline: A velvety red for less than the price of a Cuban rice

Origin: a coupage Garnacha, Tempranillo, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon, bottled especially for Auchan from the DO Cariñena.

Description: on the nose it is a very subtle red with a caramel aftertaste, which already announces the subtlety on the palate because, in fact, it is very very smooth, very pleasant, really tasty, it is almost a miracle that it is worth so little; no matter how much you try, there is no defect, it still reminds you of dulce de leche in the mouth and asks you to drink more.

Graduation: 13.5% Vol.

Price: 2.75 euros

Supermarkets: To field.

2. Charm Selection 2018

Headline: Who gives more for less

Origin: Mencía 100% from the Vinos de Arganza winery, from the DO Bierzo.

Description: you cannot believe that it has aged in French and American oak barrels for 22 months and is so cheap, because it is fresh, with a lot of ripe fruit and that flavor as if you were sucking on a real licorice stick, and also the Mencia fruit very well filtered by the wood with some spicy touches.

Pairing: grilled meats and small game, cured cheeses and ham.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: 3.99 euros

Supermarkets: Alcampo and Lidl.

3. CEO Godello

Headline: A very well brought godello

Origin: godello of DO Monterrei, Alma Atlántica winery

Description: incredible the price quality of this white of the aromatic godello variety, so fashionable today that we can even find it in supermarkets. On the nose it is fruity, syrupy, citric and floral. It tastes like grapes, as it should be, because it is young and does not pretend to play at being mature to achieve unctuousness, since this is already given by the variety itself, and the acidity is well achieved.

Pairing: Order an appetizer with canned mussels, clams, and cooked shrimp.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: 3.99 euros

Supermarkets: Lidl.

4. Moon Claret

Headline: a typical but updated claret for ‘daily’

Origin: Tempranillo, mainly, and other white varieties such as Verdejo or Albillo from César Príncipe, from the DO Cigales.

Description: with an orange-red color that looks like a sunset and a great silkiness in the mouth, it is a very sweet claret, refreshing and fun and easy to drink, the kind of daily, as used to be those of yesteryear, with a mixture of red and white grapes , or for those who want to start in the world of wine.

Pairing: alone or with a good pasta, cannelloni, etc.

Graduation: 13.5% Vol.

Price: 4.44 euros

Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés and Hipercor.

5. Gran Conquero 2016 Viñas Viejas

Headline: A very worthy Toro wine for the price it has.

Origin: bull ink from the Pagos del Rey winery in Zamora, DO Toro.

Description: on the nose there is a lot of toffee, black fruits and spices. In the mouth, it is a representative red of the Denomination, very powerful, meaty and dense, with a very long aftertaste; In general, it goes very well, but always with some substance to soak up.

Pairing: a bull or veal tail, whatever you have available, and strong and cured cheeses.

Graduation: 14.5% Vol.

Price: 4.85 euros

Supermarkets: Mercadona

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