July 12, 2020

Five tricks to confirm the Income statement 2019-2020 in the shortest possible time and without errors



Although there is still more than a month to go the deadline for filing the Income statement 2019-2020, it is convenient not to leave the procedure for the last moment. To complete the draft without losing the 234 euros on average that the Spanish stop deducting to confirm without reviewing, we review some basic tips to go to the essentials and, at the same time, finish the preparation as quickly as possible.

1. Personal and family circumstances. From the registry of Fiscal Advisory Economists (REAF) they urge to check the fiscal data before filing the 2019-2020 Income statement since the Tax Agency may not have incorporated the latest personal events. In this section you have to review the number of children or marital status, among others.

2. Do not confirm without first checking. Most citizens confirm the draft without taking into account the tax deductions and reductions that exist, both nationally and autonomically, they explain from TaxDown. In the app that helps save on the Income statement, they assure that the Spanish stop deducting an average of 234 euros if they confirm the Treasury’s web proposal without making any changes afterwards. In this sense, they remind -in line with the previous point- that the draft does not include births and sometimes neither childcare nor school expenses.

3. Go directly to the boxes that help reduce the tax bill Taxpayers can not pass deductible expenses such as contributions to Social Security or mandatory general mutual funds of officials (13) fees paid to unions (14) and professional associations 15) or legal defense expenses derived directly from disputes with the employer (16).

It is also important to take into account negative taxes such as the maternity deduction from boxes 611 to 613; boxes 623 and 624 in the deduction for descendants with dependent disabilities; boxes 636 and 637 on the deduction for dependent dependents and boxes 645 and 646 on the deduction for a legally separated non-disabled spouse; boxes 660 and 661 in the large family deduction and, finally, boxes 662 and 663 in the deduction for ascendant, legally separated or without marriage, with two children without the right to receive annuities for food.

4. Take family into account. “If you are married, the first question is whether it is more profitable to file jointly or separately. The ideal is to simulate both situations and then make the decision that is most advantageous for the taxpayer, “they explain from TaxDown. They also highlight taking into account if our family is large or single-parent when applying regional deductions since in some regions savings of up to 500 euros can be achieved.

5. Tax advice. Taxpayers can always choose to ask for help from both the Tax Agency and a tax advisor to avoid mistakes in the preparation of the income statement. Although at the moment the appointment is not enabled for face-to-face care in any territory, it is possible use the Plan “We call you” of telephone attention.

You can also resort to the advice of tax experts such as that offered in digital applications such as TaxDown, which only charge the client if the statement is finally returned and from 35 euros of savings. Application experts encourage you to try to file the return, even if you are not bound by the amount of income. The experts of this service only ask to enter the data and offer the result in a few minutes. “If they give you back, you deliver, if not, you stay as you are,” they point out.


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