November 26, 2020

Five tips for selling your house in September



The sale of housing has been in the doldrums for several months. First, confinement forced real estate agencies to take a hiatusTherefore, visits to properties for sale fell to a standstill. Later, the economic impact of the coronavirus on family finances caused many potential buyers to take a step back. Then came summer with its usual slowdown in activity. However, September arrives and the machinery of the market starts up again. From, we tell you what you should do to prepare your home for sale in September:

1. Beware of overvaluation. The most important aspect that a floor that we want to get rid of quickly must fulfill is that it is in price. Putting an exit value above what is reasonable in order not to have to lower too much before possible counter offers is a big mistake, and more so at a time like this. The only thing that we will achieve by following this strategy is that potential buyers do not call us, which would delay the sale time and the product would end up burning.

2. Adapt to the buyer. Homebuyer preferences have taken a turn after the pandemic. Highlighting the areas of the house to which the demand now pays more attention will undoubtedly enhance the interest of it. On the other hand, it is essential to convey the feeling of order and cleanliness through the property in order that those who visit it have an easier time imagining their life in it as owners. Techniques like home staging can be of great help.

3. Outdoor areas. If the house you want to sell has a balcony, terrace or garden, you are in luck. The outdoor areas inside the house have taken on a special relevance. Feel free to free up space in them to make them look in all their splendor. Eliminate all those broken or deteriorated elements that you have accumulated in these areas. It is essential that the buyer does not see them as an improvised storage room, but as an extra to take advantage of.

4. Reform or update? The decision whether or not to make reforms in an apartment for sale is difficult. On the one hand, there are those who believe that this type of work revalues ​​the property, with which the profit we obtain after the sale will be greater. However, there are other voices that affirm that comprehensive reforms may not fit the buyer’s needs, and that it is more appropriate to sell without major reforms in order to give a more adjusted price. You have the last word.

5. Papers in order. It does not hurt to have all the paperwork prepared in order to reduce the terms of the operation as much as possible. If you have delegated the procedures to a real estate agency, you will be more liberated, but it will always be better to have essential documentation on hand to formalize the transaction. Thus, for example, locate the last IBI receipt because you will need it, as well as a certificate stating that you are up to date with the payments from the community of owners.

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