August 11, 2020

Five tips for a safe house if you leave during Easter


On the occasion of Holy Week, many people will be on the road and will be able to go to sun and beach destinations. In this sense, the Directorate General of Traffic has foreseen 15.5 million movements during the operation. If you are going to enjoy a few days of vacation, you should take precautions. While summer is the favorite time of thieves, home thefts are also frequent during Holy Week. From They collect some recommendations so that, when you return, everything remains in place.

1 Is there anyone at home? – There are systems that, connected to a smartphone or tablet, allow turning lights on and off or raising or lowering blinds at a distance. If your home does not have this type of home automation systems, you can simulate your presence without lowering the blind altogether or leaving a low-energy light bulb on. Other options are the lamps that are lit thanks to photoelectric sensors or the lights with timer, whose ignition you can program before leaving.

2 Do not tell Facebook – It is difficult to resist the temptation to post photos on our social networks when we are relaxed on the beach. However, the publication of these images is clear evidence that your home is unprotected. Take a moment to review the privacy settings of all your social profiles. Make sure you share this sensitive information only with friends of your absolute confidence.

3 When your house is the target – Professional bands do not act at random. They spend weeks observing the behavior of the inhabitants of a building, learning their routines and noting the hours in which the longest absences occur. The State Security Forces and Bodies have discovered some of their tricks to "mark" houses susceptible to being deprived: vaseline in the peepholes, small plastics on the door, symbols on the doorman, etc.

4 A small investment – Installing an alarm is not within the economic possibilities of the vast majority. It is true that an armored door is essential, although the techniques to disable them have become very sophisticated. Sometimes, there are more affordable solutions that, at a given time, can deter thieves. Thus, the simplest locks put in serious trouble a thief who does not want to make more noise of the account or entertain too much.

5 A good neighbor is a treasure – Living in a community of neighbors where everything is peace and harmony is not usual. However, beyond the disagreements that you have had with the one above or the one below, there will always be a neighbor with whom you have a kind treatment. Do not hesitate to tell him you're going a few days. If you do not have enough confidence to leave the keys of your house, ask him at least to call you if he hears a strange noise or directly contacts the police.


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