Five songs about female empowerment - La Provincia

Five songs about female empowerment - La Provincia

Their lyrics exude satiety and denunciation and invite women to fight and stand up. Emily Dickinson already said that getting up is necessary to know our true stature. Next, four songs in Spanish and one in Quechua that They talk about the empowerment of women.

'Antipatriarca', by Ana Tijoux

"I will not be the one who obeys, because my body belongs to me, I decide from my time how I want and where I want to be independent I was born, independent I decided. I do not walk behind you, I walk par to you"

Ana Tijoux is French, but she is known for the political rap she made when belonged to the Chilean group Makiza. In 'Antipatriarca' urges women to stand up and break with the patriarchal chains, and also warns: "You will not subdue me, you will not beat me, you will not denigrate me, you will not force me, you will not silence me, you will not shut me up"

'Moon Woman', by Rebecca Lane

"No god, no country, no husband, no party, that's how I was born, that's how I lived [€]. I do not believe in fairy tales or fantasies. I do not want to belong to anyone, I want to be mine"

Rebecca Lane, an anarchist sociologist and singer, is a referring to Guatemalan hip-hop. His rap, jets of denunciation that point to social injustice and machismo. In 'Moon Woman' rejects expectations that settle on women: that they are castes, that they spend hours in the kitchen, that they keep quiet, that their only aspiration is to have offspring. "I aspire to be treated as human, is the minimum, "he demands in the song.

'Stop killing us', by Miss Bolivia

"They say I disappeared because I was walking around alone, because I used my skirt very short, they keep blaming me, they told me to say yes, they killed me since I was born. They forced me to be a slave: wash and wash, and give birth"

Miss Bolivia, psychologist, producer, singer and DJ Argentina has the sound of the street. His songs are pure denunciation. Without censorship. Feminist, in favor of abortion, María Paz Ferreyra does Letters that speak of the empowerment of women. "Ovaries, claw, heart." Alert woman, fighter, organized. Fist high and not one less: live we want"

'Lysistrata', Catta Cattana

"Hide me, cover me with that impure neckline, lest I pervert you or transport you to the dark side, lest I intoxicate you with my cyanide psyche [€]. We women are neither malevolent nor malignant, we do not father the devil, and we are not saints either. "

Ana Isabel García Llorente (Gata Cattana) died in March 2017 at age 26, but left four discs of raw poetry, intimate, feminist and full of historical and literary references. 'Lysistrata' belongs to the album 'Anclas' (2015). "That Ana has to come to rebut Freud €"says the letter.

'Tijeras', by Renata Flores

"No one listens to what I say, so I say: I will shout [€]. Do not be afraid to talk. Look at me, now I'm stronger. Look at me, I'm not afraid anymore. Now, I have hope. Women € Let's be united"

Feminist letters written in Quechua with trap base. It's the music that Renata Flores does, which is hardly of age, but protest against feminicide and macho violence from his native Peru at the same time that pays homage to his roots.


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