Five simple gestures to save energy this Christmas

A Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree.

This year's Christmas is going to be more special than ever. The pandemic of Covid-19 favors an increase in social encounters in homes that, together with the fact that these holidays are moments that invite you to spend more time at home, causes a increased energy consumption. In this context, improving the energy efficiency of homes has a direct positive impact on the environment, but also on the family economy. For this reason, TÜV Rheinland, a leading entity in technical, security and certification services worldwide, offers five simple gestures to get your homes energetically ready for Christmas:

1. Incorporate LED lights into Christmas decorations. A more efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems are LED lights. Using this type of light bulbs in the decorations of the Christmas tree and the nativity scene will mean a significant reduction in energy consumption.

2. Have devices with A +++ label. Equipment in this category has better energy performance. During Christmas there is a more intensive use of electrical appliances and electronic devices which can skyrocket the electricity bill. Investing in equipment with A +++ label has a reduction in energy costs, as well as a better care of the planet.

3. Monitor the temperature of the refrigerators. On holidays, the refrigerators are filled with products to enjoy Christmas dinners. These equipments consume up to 30% of the electricity in homes, so ensuring correct temperature regulation has a direct impact on the environment. The ideal temperature for optimal refrigerator operation is 4ºC in the fridge and -18ºC in the freezer.

4. Guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation. Windows and doors are places where a lot of energy is lost from homes. Currently, there are materials that minimize these leaks in such a way that, for example, the use of heating is reduced.

5. Regulate the temperature of the houses. Along with the use of the refrigerator, the heating consumption is the highest during Christmas. To make a responsible and eco-friendly consumption, it is recommended to install a thermostat capable of automatically regulating the temperature of all the rooms of the house. Once the degrees that make the house a comfortable place for the tenants are reached, the use of heating is stopped.


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