February 25, 2021

Five short series perfect to watch during the summer holidays, TV Series – La Provincia

Summer is a good time for catch up with those series that your friends and coworkers have seen during the year but that you have not been able to follow.

For those nights in which the television grill does not offer any interesting program or for those afternoons in which the heat tightens too much and you have to shelter at home or, simply, if you have no plan but free time, we propose five series of success and different themes – Welcome, dramas, historical – that you can follow and that, in addition, will be enjoyable, for its short duration.

Years and Years

The futuristic series 'Years and years'

British series set in the year 2034 and in the city of Manchester where we are introduced to the Lyon family, which is involved in weddings, concerns of their teenage children and labor changes, surrounded by a political environment in which we will see populist leaders, xenophobia, climate change and military concerns.
The series, which can be seen on HBO, has six one-hour chapters in a single season.


The 'Chernobyl' series, one of the most successful of the year.

One of the most successful series of 2019 that you should not miss. 'Chernobyl' brings us back to one of the most impressive events of the last century, with the environmental catastrophe occurred in the Ukrainian city. The series offers a review of the days before, during and after the explosion of the nuclear power plant, presenting errors and unknown actions by the majority of spectators and that shed the ins and outs of that catastrophe.
The series, available on HBO, consists of five chapters of one hour each.

look what you have done

'Look what you've done', humor series'.

If among so many foreign series, you fancy some Spanish mood, you can see the 12 chapters – divided into two seasons – of the series 'Look what you have done'. With script and prominence of Berto Romero, the series narrates the adventure of being a father for the first time, treating with humor the obligations that entails and the problems that it brings, such as sleepless nights, the intrusion of the rest of the family or envy towards friends who enjoy their life.

That's how they see us

'That's how they see us' is based on a real fact.

Although it came with dissimulation, finally 'That's how they see us' has become one of Netflix's most watched series. The story tells a actual fact occurred in 1989, in which five African-American minors were unjustly convicted of the murder of a young woman in Central Park and the riots in favor of civil rights that occurred as a result. It is a series of four chapters, overwhelming and that removes consciences.

The Alcásser case

A review of the Alcásser case through this documentary series

If you are also documentary fan, you have the option of watching this summer the series on the Alcásser case that has been so successful. In it that the events that occurred in those weeks of 1992 are reviewed around the triple crime, both the cruelty of the murderers and the media impact and the treatment that was done by the media and that take the viewer to a deep reflection. The series, through its five chapters, has several of the real protagonists, who analyze and shed light on what happened.

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