April 10, 2021

Five secrets that you should disclose to the landlord to avoid problems

Five secrets that you should disclose to the landlord to avoid problems


About the owners who rent a house weighs a certain bad image. Some see them as greedy people whose sole objective is to enrich themselves without the intention of investing the least in making the leased space habitable. However, the reality is that most landlords are concerned about the welfare of their tenants, so it is not fair to hide information they have a right to know. In fact, these secrets could turn against the tenant. The real estate website pisos.com has detected the most common:

1. A new pet. It is possible that when you signed your rental contract you did not have a macota, but time passes and, suddenly, someone offers to adopt a cat or a dog and you can not resist. If there is a clause in the contract that expressly prohibits pet animals, you are committing a crime and you could face an eviction. If you have confidence with your landlord, tell him about it. Maybe he's more understanding than you expected.

2. Leaks and leaks. Do not overlook any plumbing problem. What today is a tap that drips, tomorrow could cause a flood. If you do not want your landlord to go into a rage because your neighbor below has reported you for causing moisture on the roof, let him know that there is a leak. The houses usually have insurance. The visit of an operator will end the incident before it goes over.

3. Bed bug plague. They are more common than you imagine. Even if you have not invited them in, these bugs come to your mattress through the walls and the floor of the infected house. It is vital that you tell the owner so he can call an exterminator. You will have to negotiate who assumes the expense or if you go to equal parts. You have to eradicate the plague from your floor to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the building.

4. Loss of the key. If you have lost your house key and you did not have a copy, you will have no choice but to call the landlord and ask for a spare. Maybe the owner wants to charge you an extra for the new copy, but it will always be cheaper than changing the lock on your own. In case you have lost the key along with your ID or, directly, your purse or backpack has been stolen, you will have to change the lock yes or yes, since the thieves will have your address.

5. You do not live alone. You started living alone, but now you have a relationship. Instead of moving together to another house, choose your current home as a joint residence. Instead of hiding it from the landlord, let him know so he can evaluate his solvency and include it in the contract, since he has every right. In addition, we must respect the law regarding the percentage of occupation of the house based on the square meters you have.


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