Five scary makeups for Halloween – The Province

Five scary makeups for Halloween - The Province

Piñatas, makeup, masks, costumes and all kinds of decoration elements, which go from holograms or candlesticks full of cobwebs to bats that really look like, are available to those who want to live a day before the Day of the Dead terrifying and characterized.

It's coming up on October 31st. If this year you want to surprise all your friends and become the sensation of the party of the most terrifying night of the year, then you can discover some of the more genuine costumes for Halloween. But it does not just depend on clothes, makeup is the key detail to complete the costume for Halloween.

1. Joker

Throughout the history of cinema, There are several actors who have given life to the evil Joker: César Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger or Jared Letto are perhaps the ones with the most in mind. Although each one has given it its own dimension and appearance, there are physical features characteristic of Batman's number one enemy, easy to imitate at home.

You need white and red face paint, green hair spray, colorful clothes (green pants, lilacs, extravagant shirts …). You can put a hat, the more Jack Nicholson style, or buy a set of metal teeth to emulate the version of Jared Letto.

2. Skeleton

The Skeleton makeup for Halloween is the most used and simple. You only need a foundation of white makeup and eyes with black. First the white base is applied and then the outline of the eyes, nose and mouth is made. Finally the outline is filled with the black pencil and the forehead and mouth are blurred with a brush to emphasize the features and give a sense of terror. In Atlantic you can find the complete makeup kit for Skeleton with everything you need to dazzle this Halloween.

3. Carrie

Halloween is presented as the perfect occasion to relive one of the bloodiest graduation parties in film history, 'Carrie'. With the bloody disguise you will become one of the most emblematic costumes of Halloween. Infuse fear among your friends by simulating this psychological horror film character. On this occasion you will only need a white dress that you do not mind smearing, fake blood and a tiara. The Smooth-On Ultimate Blood (€ 38.28) and Smooth-On Ultimate Wound (€ 34.30) kits will help you perform the most bloody and most credible scars. And also you can also opt for decorative blood in Spray or fictional blood tube that you can find in Yatlantico.

4. Witch

Leave behind the typical tender witch costume that we usually see on Halloween. On the contrary, prepare a costume with a mysterious and terrifying touch, more like that of an evil sorceress. Take out the cauldron and the potions, that with a look like that you will only get sweet and nothing trick. Do you dare to try it? In Yatlantico have a witch makeup kit to profile your costume with everything at hand.

5. Zombies

The zombies are more fashionable than ever with the hit series 'The Walking Dead'. A terrifying disguise with him you will enjoy this party as never before and you will be able to terrify your friends. The Ultimate Zombie Kit (€ 43.05) includes everything you need to create multiple zombie makeups on the skin quickly. It is ideal for Halloween, Zombie Walks, theatrical makeup and movie applications. This kit contains all the necessary supplies for perform simulated traumatic scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections and other effects on the skin. The Skin Tite silicone can be applied directly on the skin, it is resistant, and it bends and flexes with the natural movements of the body. And if you still have doubts, the kit includes a DVD to guide you step by step through the process.

And many other disguises. If yours is the dragon skin, the Smooth-On Dragon Skin FX Pro KIT (€ 39.00) is your solution, but you will also find makeup kits for costumes like demon or vampire. In Atlantic Ocean they have everything you need to characterize and mold your masterpiece. Exaduro, Silicones, Silicone FX, Polyurethane and polyester resins, Latex, Measuring glasses, and much more. And you? What are you wearing this Halloween?


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