Five reasons why go to an agency to sell a home

Five reasons why go to an agency to sell a home


Selling a house can be a tedious task when we try to deal with this situation without the support of professionals. Although the sales rhythms are not so long and there is a very active demand, reaching an agreement that benefits both parties is not always easy. Face alone to a sale can wear us out because it requires time to teach the house, specific knowledge to perform bureaucratic procedures or a certain talent when negotiating counteroffers. From we believe that the role of the agencies is fundamental. That's why we give you five reasons to go to them if you are thinking of putting a home for sale:

1. A competitive price. The overvaluation of a home can end up burning the property. The personal attachment to a property prevents individuals from being objective, giving it a value far from the reality of the market. The agencies handle information able to give the house the price adjusted to the circumstances. They can also give you advice on certain reforms capable of revalue the property and make it more attractive to the buyer.

2. Portfolio of buyers. Finding the ideal buyer can be complicated. The brokerage agencies know to whom they can sell your house. They have a database of potential buyers organized according to the maximum price they are willing to pay for the property, the characteristics they look for in their future home and their desired location, which is a great advantage. You will not have to from scratch because they will already have an interested demand.

3. Marketing plan. Technology and marketing are essential if you want to get rid of your property quickly. The agencies put at your disposal tools ranging from the inclusion of your property in all real estate portals to the realization of a virtual tour or augmented reality applications. On the other hand, the collaboration between real estate allows them to share their assets for reach a wider audience.

4. Management of visits. If you want to make your life compatible with a schedule of visits, you will have to juggle. An agent knows what are the strong points that must be highlighted when teaching property. Likewise, the experienced agent will know how to filter the true interested parties of the simple onlookers. Likewise, from an agency they will be able to redirect those supposed buyers who, even before knowing the floor characteristics, already pose an aggressive discount.

5. Legal procedures. The management of a sale requires certain legal and tax knowledge that can be a whole world for someone who is not familiar with the subject. Not only do we talk about basic documentation such as a simple registration note or the certificate of being up-to-date with the payments of the community of neighbors, but also about the tax settlement after signing or obtaining the energy certificate.


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