Five reasons why go to an agency to buy a home

Five reasons why go to an agency to buy a home


Buy one living place It is one of the most important steps that take place in life. It is a decision that is taken safely, after having meditated and written numbers. Having the professional advice of a real estate agent makes this process much more bearable. Effective and reliable intermediation before, during and after the operation frees the buyer of worries and hassles. Since We believe that the role of the agencies is fundamental. That's why we give you five reasons to go to them if you're thinking of owning:

1. Zone specialists. The neighborhood agencies are businesses that know very concretely each floor for sale in the vicinity. This way of working, with a wide knowledge of the local market, represents a guarantee for the potential buyer, given that he will receive detailed information firsthand. This geographical specialization helps transmit an individualized service, because the agent will be able to respond to the demand of the future owner with great accuracy.

2. Negotiation capacity. Achieving an agreement that goes in line with the claims of the seller and that, at the same time, fits the expectations and budget of the buyer is easier when an agent serves as a link. When you have experience when negotiating, deals close more quickly. In addition, the buyer will not have to go through the uncomfortable situation of posing counteroffers that the seller can interpret as not very serious.

3. Time saving. Visiting one home after another is exhausting. The good news is that agents know what the buyer wants because, previously, they have interviewed him to assess their needs. This filtering limits the available base of properties in order to plan visits that are really worthwhile, given that they will be houses adapted to the search criteria. Not only saves time in visits, also in all the paperwork and bureaucracy surrounding the sale.

4. Get a mortgage. The mortgage loan It is the key that allows financing the purchase to the majority of the owners. Agencies know the financial profile of those who request their services and know perfectly if a customer's credit application is going to be accepted or will have difficulties. By maintaining close relationships with banks, the real estate consultants They can mediate in our favor and clarify our doubts.

5. Legal procedures. The request of a simple note to the Land Registry, the energy certificate of the dwelling, the document that shows that the seller is up to date with its payments to the community of neighbors, the drafting of the contract of sale, its elevation to public deed , the liquidation of taxes … The procedures are many and not always have the necessary qualification to cover them. The agency deals with all this.


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