Five questions about the death of a woman, her daughter and a man in Valladolid

Two coroners remove one of the bodies from Calle Linares 32. / CARLOS THICK

The circumstances in which the three bodies were discovered, two of them with signs of violent death, in two scenarios barely far from each other and the subsequent arrest leave many questions about the event

The circumstances of the event on Saturday afternoon in which
three bodies appeared -two with signs of violence- in two houses close to each other in the La Rondilla neighborhood of Valladolid, with the subsequent arrest of a man in the same area, shroud the case in mystery and raise questions that the investigation must answer.

-Is there a family relationship between the woman and her daughter who died on Calle Linares with the man found on Marqués de Santillana?

-Blood or legal relationship, apparently not. Some information published throughout the afternoon yesterday and today maintained and maintains that there were family ties between one and the other, but at no time was there an official confirmation. Another thing is that the deceased were related, in addition to neighborhood reasons, by some emotional bond between them.

-Why the presence of fire in the two crime scenes?

-The few data provided by the police investigation allow us to determine that the corpses with signs of violence - stab wounds from what has transpired - are that of the man from Marqués de Santillana and the 54-year-old woman from the apartment at Linares 32. This This circumstance suggests that the author or authors of both crimes set fire to the bodies after the attack with a knife to try to erase traces that could facilitate their identification as authors of the homicide. More preposterous but not ruled out would be to point out that whoever perpetrated the crimes had a desire not only to end the lives of their victims, but also to destroy their bodies. In the case of the 78-year-old woman, mother of the other victim on Linares Street, the absence of violent injuries leads to the determination that she died of the flames when she went to look for her daughter. In this sense, it must be remembered that the police attention service received a call for help from the woman worried about her daughter shortly before the details of the event began to be known.

-Could the two attacks on two houses in the La Rondilla neighborhood be the work of the same author or authors?

-It is reasonable to think so, due to the proximity of both houses to each other, just two minutes at a good pace, and because despite the fact that there are barely five minutes of difference between the calls that alerted of one event and the other, it cannot be determine at what time the events began in each of the two addresses.

What could be the motive for the crime?

-Contrast how little the neighbors had to say about the dead woman and her daughter at Linares 32 with the details narrated by Carlos's neighbors, whose description ranges from the love they have for someone from the neighborhood they liked all their lives and the drift through which he let his life run in the last years of it. "Carlos's neighbors expected an outcome like yesterday's when they saw a continuous stream of people who approached his house every day." That trail and some indications of anonymous leaks from the investigation suggest that the deceased in Marqués del Duero had some relationship with the retail sale of drugs, a hypothetical germ of a settling of scores that would be at the root of the deaths, although in At no time does any official source confirm this point.

- Is there a relationship between the discovery of the three bodies after half past four in the afternoon and the arrest of a man in that same area just seven hours later?

-Without official confirmation, it is difficult to rule out that both events are related. The way the police acted, whose agents went through some of the area's portals and even called some houses through the intercom, the feeling of the reporters from El Norte who covered the event is that from the first moment the investigation aimed not only to a specific motive, but also to its presumed, or its presumed authors. But this extreme, as well as the rest of the infinity of fringes left by a black event in the middle of what seemed like a calm and hot afternoon in August, are the ones that we will try to clarify in the next few hours.

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