April 16, 2021

Five movies to be in the wave

Five movies to be in the wave

The radio is not only heard, it is also seen. The cinema has taken splendid scripts from the waves. Throughout history, societies have been informed through the stations and even today millions of people get up and go to bed listening to their favorite announcers. Through their news, the kings have delivered speeches, the nations have learned if they entered the war and some of the most relevant events have been announced. The big screen has honored one of the essential means of communication with a series of films that have addressed its different aspects. These are some of the essential titles that any listener should see.

1. The speech of the king

The director Tom Hooper adapted David Seidler's script in this film that became one of the phenomena of 2010. It had a luxury cast – Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Derek Jacobi – and won four Oscars : direction, film, main actor and script. A success that delves into an episode that, until then, was little known by the public: the work and the enormous difficulties that King George VI had to overcome, who was stuttering, to read public speeches and address his nation. This is one of those works that deepens in the importance that the radio had in political questions.

2. Chill at night

Clint Eastwood decided to start his career as a director with this "thriller" that enjoyed the applause of both the public and the critics. In this title, in which he also participates as the central actor of the plot, Eastwood gives life to a successful radio announcer. A man who, with his voice alone, raises passions among the listeners. During his program he always calls a woman. Between them will be born a relationship that, over time, will become disturbing. Eastwood, for some the last classic director, goes to the codes of obsession and suspense to sign a film that borders on the horror genre.

3. Good Morning, Vietnam

It is one of the most recognizable works of Robin Williams, who was accompanied on this occasion with Forrest Whitaker. Barry Levinson, the director of "Sleepers" and the popular "Harassment", shows us the role of radio during this conflict. A moment when the microphones served to give news, but also to encourage the troops and encourage morals. The charismatic Robin Williams embroidered here some of his best scenes.

4. Days of radio

The today reviled Woody Allen signed with this work one of his best films. A real tribute to the radio that counted with the participation of Mia Farrow. The filmmaker goes back to the golden age of radio, to those decades when entire families did not separate themselves from transistors. Through him they learned what was happening, they listened to music, the classical one, but also the one that brought fashion, like jazz, and they listened to those radio adaptations of dramas, novels or series created for the medium. A tapestry of characters go through a film that, inevitably, is impregnated with longing.

5. Covert radio

Better known as "The Boat that Rocked (Pirate Radio), this comedy is based on real events: that of a pirate radio station from the 60s that played rock & roll in Britain during the 24 hours. It was forbidden, but they managed to exceed 20 million listeners with their programming and playlists. In a time of ruptures, rock showed that it was capable of encouraging unforeseen rebellions. If music, which in itself is an incentive, is not enough to see it, we must add a cast of actors not at all despicable: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, Emma Thompson or Keneeth Branagh, among others.


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