Five Medeas and a scenic destination

From left to right, Geny Díaz, Yanely Hernández, Eva M. Cavadas, Sofía Rubro, Maykol Hernández and Saulo Trujillo, part of the cast of 'Medea XXI', in the capital of Gran Canaria. / COVER

The Canarian theatrical production 'Medea XXI', with nine performers, opens on September 10 at the Víctor Jara Theater in Vecindario

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

The classics are classics because
survive the passage of time. But their validity remains and is sometimes enhanced if they are approached from a contemporary perspective. Under this prism stands the Canarian stage production
'Medea XXI', whose premiere is scheduled for
next September 10, starting at 8:00 the
Victor Jara Theater Neighborhood, in the municipality of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. Tickets are now on sale.

Rebecca Ledesma signs and directs this version of the classic
Euripides and Seneca, with a cast of nine Canarian interpreters and technicians, advances
Yanely Hernández, one of the actresses in 'Medea XXI', a montage that in turn produces.

«The version of Ledesma is the tragedy as it is, we have only lightened it in terms of the mythological references and we have opted for
a staging that makes it much more understandable for a contemporary public”, explains Hernández.

contemporary vision

The public will come across a structure and a style of interpretation, which includes the Greek choir, quite «classical», but «brought to the contemporary». «We are very faithful to the classic, but
through the audiovisual we rescue moments and news of
similar cases of violence to those of Medea and that is why we have taken her to a 21st century stage," says Yanely Hernández.

In this way, the also producer emphasizes, this daring montage «puts the accent not only on the murderers, but also on the
The victims, especially the most delicate, such as children». “Now more cases are known by the media, but it has always happened. With this reading of 'Medea' the public will better understand this drama and in turn we will not turn our backs on such an important and delicate subject».

9 interpreters and five Medeas

The cast of 'Medea XXI' features, in addition to the aforementioned Yanely Hernández, Eva M. Cavadas, Geny Díaz, Mari Carmen Sánchez, Javier Bolea, Maykol Hernández, Nacho Peña, Sofía Rubio and Saulo Trujillo.

Who assumes the poisoned caramel, because of the difficulty involved, to bring Medea to life? Therein lies one of the novelties of this production by the island company Fireworks. "Throughout the work
there are five Medeas played by as many people, including a boy. It is embodied by Eva M. Cavadas, Geny Díaz, Sofía Rubro, Javier Bolea and myself. In some passages we all interpret her, but she is always very understandable and modern », points out Yanely Hernández.

He acknowledges that the cast is as excited as "scared to death," because
“the text is very complicated”.

«We bet on a contemporary interpretation for the verse, respecting the metric of blank verse. To the problems that the text entails, we must add the challenge of interpretation. It is a montage where the weight falls on the performances of the actresses and actors. The scenic bet is very much in the style of the recently deceased Peter Brook, with
an empty space with a lot of light weight, where Ibán Negrín does a fantastic job”, says Hernández. The original music is in charge of Navid Hejazi, the costumes are signed by Gio Sperandei, the audiovisuals are in charge of Samuel Sánchez and the choreographic part is Dana Carbonell.

With these wickers, the classic myth of Medea will emerge before a 21st century audience that will see how, after being repudiated by Jason, who marries Creúsa, daughter of Creon, she takes revenge by murdering her two sons.

Part of the cast, last week, in the capital of Gran Canaria. / cover

A proposal to tour the islands and make the leap to the peninsula

Yanely Hernández, as the producer of 'Medea XXI', is aware that she is facing a major challenge in difficult stage times, due to the economic crisis generated first by the covid-19 pandemic and later by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Starting a production with nine performers on stage, plus the technicians, is a risky task. «It is a very difficult bet and that is why I wanted to get involved as an actress and producer from the beginning. We have to keep moving great teams and fighting so that the public receives a quality offer. We have to work hard and my rings are not falling off,” says Hernández.

“Our intention, after the premiere at the Víctor Jara, is to tour the Canary Islands and then make the leap to Madrid and the rest of the peninsula, if possible. It will not be easy here, because the public is not used to attending productions like these, which they do receive naturally when it is carried out by an outside company, but I hope that the Canarian public will be interested because the project is worth it”, he adds.

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