Five Latin American destinations for 2019 according to the New York Times

Five Latin American destinations for 2019 according to the New York Times

Puerto Rico, Panama, the city of Salvador (Brazil), the region of Costalegre (Mexico) and the Elqui Valley (Chile) are the five Latin American destinations that the influential American newspaper New York Times has included in its list of 52 places of the world that you have to visit in 2019.

Under the title "52 places to go in 2019, a starter kit to escape the world", the newspaper has launched its annual proposal for which, according to the report, it has sought the opinion of its travel writers.

For the selection, places that may be in danger due to climate change have been taken into account, because the organization of an event is expected in them or because they are seen as the "most interesting", among other factors.

Puerto Rico has the honor of leading the list prepared by the newspaper, which highlights that the island "begins to recover" after Hurricane Maria hit it a year ago.

Panama, ranked number four, has been highlighted by the "new ecotourism centers on the Pacific coast."

A photograph of the Pelourinho neighborhood and the church of Our Lady of the Rosary of the Prietos presents the Brazilian town of Salvador (position 14), presented with the title "the original capital of the country is renewed" after the conclusion of a five-year plan for preserve its architecture.

The Las Alamandas hotel serves the NYT as a presentation of Costalegre (Mexico), the 16th destination of which the newspaper highlights its 43 beaches and its headlands and bays that offer "beach vacations without crowds".

The "Eclipsemanía and the nights of dark skies" are the two elements chosen by the NYT to highlight the Elqui Valley (Chile), in position 51 of the places to visit in 2019.

Tourist destinations also include the Malvinas Islands, located in South America and belonging to the United Kingdom.

In Europe the New York newspaper recommends sixteen places to travel this year, from Munich (Germany) to Vevey (Switzerland), passing through Marseille (France), Golfo Paraiso (Italy), Olkhon Island (Russia), Zadar (Croatia) or the Azores Islands (Portugal).

It is the same list in which it is ranked 50th on the Cádiz list as the only Spanish destination, for its "gastronomic renaissance" and for its surroundings of "resplendent cities and towns in the southwest of Andalusia".

Africa is represented with Tunisia, Dakar (Senegal) and The Gambia; Asia with a dozen places like Iran, Doha (Qatar), Eilat (Israel), the Setouchi Islands (Japan), Hong Kong (China) or Danang (Vietnam) and Oceania with three destinations such as the city of Perth (Australia).

The newspaper also collects a dozen sites in the United States to visit this 2019, among which highlights, in addition to New York City, other destinations such as the city of Columbus, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles or Wyoming.


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