August 11, 2020

Five keys to identifying false home buyers


Selling a house is not an easy task. We have to compete in a market in which not only will we have to impose a similar offer, but we will have to face demanding and prepared demand. An added problem is that we are not always going to deal with real buyers. There are many curious people who are only testing and have no real interest in becoming owners. This profile consumes energy and time, very valuable aspects when trying to sell a property. In we know how to differentiate them:

1. With the discount ahead. You get a call from a potential buyer, but before you even talk about housing and give essential information about how many square meters you have, your orientation or if you have to do some reform, your interlocutor proposes an aggressive downgrade of somewhat hundred. This situation is very common and behind it there are seekers of bargains trying to find sellers who hurry to get rid of their house.

2. Excuses to visit the house. A determined buyer will be happy to visit the apartment for sale and check their features firsthand as soon as possible. A simple curious, will loiter when you suggest different days and hours to know the housing in person. It will never be good for you to stay with you and it will give you evasiveness. To finish as soon as possible, tell him to call you again when he has a hole in his agenda. The safest thing is that he does not.

3. All are sticky. Since they set foot on the property, they are already throwing up not too logical reproaches. For example, if the house is sold for renovation, it is not consistent to grunt about the distribution of the rooms, the quality of the floor or the color of the walls. There is also someone who knows that he is going to visit a bass and complains that not enough natural light comes in. Or that is a fifth without an elevator and you have to climb many stairs. This kind of false buyers just want to snoop.

4. Continuous indecision. There are people who can not say no. It is possible that it is not to hurt the feelings of others, but when we talk about the sale of a house, it is necessary to be direct to save time and misunderstandings. These are buyers who, after the visit, will tell you that they have to think about it or consult with someone, but they will not be willing to sign the floor or close a second visit. This all that means is that, in reality, they are not interested.

5. Go on behalf of another. «Actually the house is not for me, it is for my son / friend». If they tell you this first, distrust. Buying a house is something very personal, that must be done by oneself, not entrusting it to someone, even if it is trustworthy. Probably, it is a boring person who only wants to gossip and then criticize. And even if it were true, in that first visit you will not close anything because the real interested would have to see the house. Do not waste your time.


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