November 27, 2020

Five ideas to transform a soda blanket into a very appetizing one

There are still some hot days left, but the autumn cold has come to stay, especially at night. The perfect plan, and mandatory, is a sofa and blanket; and the restrictions invite us to be even more hermits and at home.

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Better to ensure a good repertoire of blankets in which to snuggle up to enjoy a good series. But a blanket can be much more than a coat. Here are five very simple ideas to transform a simple blanket into a more beautiful and desirable one; and for which you would pay double or triple.

1. Decorate a blanket with pompoms

One of the simplest and most effective ways to dress a cheap blanket, or too simple, is surely add some pompoms made of colored wool. The design is simple, but still pretty; And it allows you to transform a blanket of less than ten euros into another for which you would pay about three times more.

The best of all– We only need thick wool, cardboard and a pair of scissors. To make the pompoms, take out the knowledge you learned in school. Cut two circles out of a piece of cardboard, and make another circle in the center, as if they were a donut. Join the two cards and surround them with the wool. When you have them, trim the ends, and tie another strand between the two cardboard. Make as many pompoms as you want. Also, you can use three other strands to make a braid, and use it to join each pompom to the blanket. And ready!

2. Patterned blanket: paint and cardboard

Another fun and cheap way to decorate a soda blanket is stamping geometric shapes on it. It is enough to cut out the figures that you like on a cardboard, for example, some hearts. Or, if you like it more tribal, try some triangles. To transform the cardboard into a stamp, just stick a cork on the back, for example, a bottle of wine. This way it will be easier for you to handle.

Just left dipping the cardboard in a textile paint and then stamp your heart on the blanket. You can make fun patterns by changing colors or making stamps of different sizes. This technique allows you to transform a blanket of less than 10 euros into another that would cost around 20 euros, if not more.

3. Plain fringed blanket

Add ones fringes to a wool blanket It is something that “is done in a jiffy, and you don’t need to sew or knit”, as he explains Koral Antolín, author of the blog Imagination Factory. And although it is good to have a crochet hook to help us, it is not essential either. For the rest, just cut some strips of wool between 35 and 40 centimeters, fold them in half and pass the folded end through one of the points near the edge of the blanket.

Then we pass the rest of the strand through the remaining strand circle, and knot. The first arrow is ready. To make it more bulky, you can use two strands per fringe. The same technique is used to add fringes to another garment that we want to transform, such as a scarf. [Hace unas semanas te contamos otras once cosas que puedes hacer con tu ropa vieja, en lugar de tirarla.]

4. Embroider some lines on the blanket

If wool needles are not imposed on you, there is another very simple way to dress a cheap blanket. Again, thick wool is required; Better multi-colored to get a more interesting design. For example, if the blanket is light, it may look nice to use yarns of different shades blue, green, earthy or yellow.

For the rest, it couldn’t be easier: just embroider some thick lines on the inside of the blanket for a much more colorful and beautiful design. In this tutorial they decorate a rug with this technique, but it would be the same with a blanket.

5. Make a blanket with tassels

The technique is similar to that of wool pompoms; but in this case, the wool threads are loose, like a tuft. Otherwise, you also need cardboard, this time cut into a rectangle shape, and scissors. That, and your blanket.

In this video they explain quite well how to make tassels with wool in a very simple way. Once you have all the ones you need, you just have to sew them with another piece of wool to the edge of the blanket. You can either go all the way around it or just put tassels on one or two ends.

There is a rule that ensures that a room is not cozy enough until it has at least three cozy or fluffy blankets. But nobody said that we had to leave the budget in the attempt.

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