Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Five hard confessions of Sofia Suescun before making her big decision

Sofia Suescun it will be one of the luxury guests of the Saturday Deluxe at a crucial moment for his sentimental life in which he must make the decision of whether to continue his love story with Kiko Jimenez, who seems unable to forgive his role as a contestant in Big Brother VIP.

The Navarre, which at the beginning of reality He defended his partner for three months, changed his strategy to see the connection between Jiménez and Estela Grande, Diego Matamoros's wife, with whom he had more than a friendly approach in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

'GH VIP 7': Sofia Suescun breaks up with Kiko Jiménez

Kiko was the fourth contestant expelled last Thursday, and on his way out of the house he had to face a talk with his girlfriend, who accused him of having forgotten her in the contest and disrespecting him for his scares with Estela, who didn't they have sat well for him to the point that on the set he came to say that their relationship was over.

Jiménez, meanwhile, defends that his thing with Estela was only a beautiful friendship and that he feels nothing for the woman of Diego Matamoros. A defense that, for now, convinces neither Sofia nor her mother, Maite Galdeano, who is clear that what your daughter has to do is leave Kiko and move on with her life.

'GH VIP 7': Sofia Suescun went to the set but Diego Matamoros preferred not to do so
(Mediaset Spain)

Nor is it better the situation of Diego Matamoros who is suffering from severe anxiety episodes and who has revealed that he is going through the worst moment of his life. Today, their relationship is in the air and the shadow of divorce flies over the couple. Estela is nominated and could leave next week.

Back to Sofia Suescun, the one that was the winner of Survivors, has advanced some of the things that she thinks about the situation she is going through with five confessions that can mark the future of the relationship, in a decision she could announce on Saturday Deluxe. These are the five strong phrases that Navarre has done for the program before this Saturday's gala:


I feel humiliated"

Hard days

I don't forget sleepless nights, ”

Reasonable doubts

I find it hard to believe him because of his way of getting defensive ”

The big decision

Forgiveness will cost me, I feel lost ”

Lack of trust

My head can't forgive him ”

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