July 6, 2020

Five communities have so far asked to go from phase 0 to phase 1

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has assured that until the early hours of this afternoon, the request of five autonomous communities to go from phase zero to 1 has been received.

And also in the Ministry of Health they have received proposals from the islands, which were already in phase 1 since before other territories, to move to phase 2.

However, these proposals will be joined by others, as the territorial officials have advanced to Health, but it will have to be in the next few hours, when the term ends.

Tomorrow night or at the latest on Friday afternoon, the experts of the Ministry will make a joint assessment with the minister and the autonomous communities.

The discussion with the autonomous communities will be established from today until tomorrow night, with which according to Simón “everyone will be well informed of the process”.

In addition, Simón has said that the proposed date for the phase change, the de-escalation, will be on Mondays, and the evaluations will be made throughout the previous week.

Simón has clarified that in principle the phase change will always be on Mondays and between one phase and another 15 days will have to pass, “although different situations could be assessed”, and the territorial unit of reference will continue to be the province.

The epidemiologist has warned that the evaluation is not a matter of “a few minutes”, but involves a “very exhaustive” review of the data between the autonomous communities and the Ministry to discuss and reach “a clear understanding” of the situation of both installed capacities, such as the operation of surveillance systems and early detection of cases.

“We need all the applications to arrive within a certain period to have that minimum time necessary to make a good assessment,” said Simón, who has indicated that he is going to “stretch as much as possible” for the reception of applications, but “It would not be sensible of us to make evaluations on Fridays if they arrive on Thursdays.”

Simón has asked for caution because if the valuations are not well done it can be “a major problem” for the population.


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