Five Christmas ornaments made up of what’s left over at home

Let’s have guests at Christmas or share dinner at Zoom, this 2020 we need all the encouragement and comfort we can muster. Sparkly Christmas baubles, lights, and tinsels seem like the most obvious choice. But if you feel that these parties will be different, and that they deserve a more comforting decoration, here they go some ideas to achieve it almost for free with what you already have at home or that you can pick up from the nearest park.

Is there a totally ecological Christmas tree?  This is what the experts say

Is there a totally ecological Christmas tree? This is what the experts say

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1. Paper Christmas ball

A few sheets of paper (they are worth a newspaper, a magazine or a children’s book that you have at home) are used to make some beautiful paper christmas balls with which to decorate your walls or the tree this year. In addition, you will need a pencil and a round template (for example, the lid of a mason jar), scissors, some glue and a little string to hang them.

The technique is very simple: you just have to draw circles on the paper with your lid (you will need about 12 for each ball), cut them out and fold them in half. Next, you need to put glue on one side of the folded circle and glue it to a second folded circle. You have to repeat until you have a ball; and tie the rope to hang it. [Hace un tiempo te contamos otros 18 modos de dar una segunda vida a tus periódicos viejos.]

2. Orange garland

He was one of the stars of the makers from Instagram the past parties; and this year repeats. There are no shortage of reasons: it is cheap to make, since the orange is de season, organic, aromatic and it is certainly nice hanging on a wall or over the fireplace; if you are among those who enjoy this pleasure.

To do it orange garland, dehydrates one to two centimeter slices in the oven, at about 120ºC, for about four hours. Or, if where you live still shines, try drying them in the sun. A third option is to use the dehydrator. When they are dry and cool, you can sew them to a string, and you have your garland.

3. Hanging and aromatic Christmas tree

Use fallen branches to create the structure of a hanging christmas tree. The upper one may be the shortest; and the lower one, the longest: in this way, you get the silhouette of a more classic Christmas tree. With rope (two ropes per pole, one at each end) and a nail above all to hang the first one, each branch must be tied to the immediately superior branch, so that they hang. Thus, until creating the silhouette of a fir tree.

Dehydrates some orange slices (same as if you did the garland). Once dry, you can hang them from the tree along with other winter motifs, such as pinecones. And if you’re feeling gleaming, add some highlights.

4. Organic snow pineapples: with flour and salt

These snowy pineapples They are very easy to make, and we can use them on the tree, as decoration on the table (they look great in the Zoom screenshot) or to create a garland, if you tie them to a fallen branch. The possibilities are many: you just need to go out to the field, or to a park with pine trees, and pick up some fallen pinecones.

In addition, it is necessary flour, salt and water (it is to make an ecological glue); Also a pair of scissors and some rope to hang them. We prepare a glue as we did at school: one part water for one part flour. The ideal consistency is one that does not drip, so as not to put everything into a mess.

We can use a brush or an old toothbrush to spread the glue on the pineapple. Afterwards, sprinkle on some coarse salt, which will stick without any difficulty: this will give your pineapples a shiny and snowy look. When Christmas is over, you can always add them to your compost bin.

5. Colored stars for the window

We can use any other, but with the silk one, translucent, these paper stars let the light pass from the outside and its effect inside the house is even more welcoming. We need eight squares of paper for each star; that they can be the same color or different; and a little zeal.

Otherwise, the technique is simple: You have to fold the paper into squares until you create a kind of kite, which will make up each of the points. Finally, the eight comets are zealously uniting to create the star.

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