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Five cheerful widows who dress in yellow

Five cheerful widows who dress in yellow

This article belongs to the fictional series Especies Urbanas, whose author is John William Wilkinson and which is published on Sundays on the website of La Vanguardia.

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Montse, Núria, Mercè, Joana and Conxita are five sixties widows who meet every Wednesday at the home of some of them, usually by a well-established shift system, unless they are traveling or are indisposed. touch The hostess usually offers her friends a light lunch - almost always prepared by a maid or in charge of a well-known catering company -, which is served after a snack made with sticks or vegetable chips and Fillico mineral water. The coffee is served in the lounge or, in Mercè's house, in the beautiful greenhouse which is accessed from the dining room.

The five are carriers of the first hour of the yellow ribbon, their little bows of a discreet size, neither larger nor smaller than most of those seen on the street. But behold, just beginning the trial in the Supreme, Núria appeared in Joana's apartment with a tie at least three times larger than those of her friends. Of course no one made the slightest comment, but the following week, at Conxita's house, they all wore a large bow on their chest.

Montse, Núria, Mercè, Joana and Conxita are five sixties widows who meet every Wednesday

After that meal at the home of Conxita Ribas, it could be said that the kick-off to a crazy race towards an unknown goal had been given. Of course, the one that would take the trophy would be the one that, when the day arrived, more and better was covered in yellow, although that would very probably not happen until the end of the trial. Now, once this absurd challenge had been set in motion, everyone knew the route it was going to take, much less how it was going to end.

Montse was the first to introduce herself with a yellow Hermès bag; the next Wednesday, the other four had another like it. The novelty of the yellow linen jacket of Núria, lasted only a week, as also, the other Wednesday, the yellow patent leather shoes of Montse. Exhausted all the possibilities of surprising with clothes, shoes, headdresses, hairstyles or yellow accessories, Conxita received her friends in a room recently painted yellow and dressed in yellow from the feet to the head. In the dining room, also painted yellow, the table was set with yellow tablecloths and tableware; the cutlery looked like solid gold. A tiny Peruvian maid came out of the kitchen carrying in her hands an oriental tray of yellow nacre on which there were five identical tortillas made with art, French style.

The following Wednesday, Mercè received her guests dressed entirely in yellow and with tablecloths, glassware and yellow cutlery, in addition to having the entire floor -including the bathrooms- painted yellow and, in the greenhouse, an authentic waste of yellow flowers. After lunch - sautéed basmati rice with abundant turmeric - instead of coffee, chamomile tea was served.

Montse was the first to introduce herself with a yellow Hermès bag

When Montse's turn came again, the poor woman did not really know what to do: the trial was going long and she was really having trouble following the game. She let her guests take the appetizer and eat without being able, no matter how hard they tried, to detect a single new yellow element. He waited patient until the time of chamomile, which is when he called them to the window that faced an alley, where a beautifully yellow and beautiful Mini five-door model could be seen parked. Needless to say, it aroused among her friends the astonishment-and envy-that she sought.

The last lunch took place last Wednesday at Conxita's house. The four friends came to the meeting convinced that it was completely impossible that their hostess could overtake them in this crazy race to nowhere. They were wrong: Conxita received them not only dressed in yellow, but with the skin -face, arms, hands, legs, neck, neckline ... - dyed yellow. But still missing the pièce de résistance: the tiny Peruvian maid came out of the kitchen made a gold nugget with four yellow legs.

Although the trial is not over yet, they have unanimously decided that there will be no more yellow lunches.

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