March 3, 2021

Five Canarian pizzerias, among the best in Spain

Stock image of a pizza

Stock image of a pizza

This February 9, the World Pizza Day, an appointment that pays tribute to one of the most popular and favorite culinary proposals of users around the world. Inherited from the italian tradition, for a time it was condemned to the bag of ‘junk food’ and, later, claimed by nutritionists and chefs as a much more sophisticated and healthy option. There is no doubt that pizza has long ago earned a place on the table of the most prestigious restaurants.

The quality of ingredients and its preparation is key, something that the Italian experts know well who make different lists that reward the quality of these gastronomic temples. Among the different rankings, several island locations stand out: in total about 6.

Pizza Flash, by Vecindario

Canarian millet gofio, a mix of Canarian cheeses, mozzarella Y palm honey. This is the pizza with which Carlo Truscelli achieved in 2019 a fourth position in the Spain Championship of the beloved and famous Italian food. It bears the name of ‘Encounter’.

Truscelli is the owner of ‘Pizza Flash’ in Vecindario, along with his son and his wife. The establishment is in alle Menéndez y Pelayo, 20 of the aforementioned town of Gran Canaria.

This award is added to the track record of this gastronomic temple that in 2018 achieved with a chorizo ​​pizza from Teror representing Spain in the Pizza World Championship, in which in addition to being the best in the country, it managed to be the thirteenth best in the world.

Pizzeria Vivi 100% Italian, from Corralejo

Among those awarded by Tripadvisor -in 2018- is this local majorero. “The name could not be better chosen, since the team is Italian except for a Canarian waitress. Traditional wood oven, a good product and typical Italian flavors, with a varied menu of dishes, among which the authentic pizza stands out. “, describe the pizzeria Vivi 100% Italian, in Corralejo and that is in seventh position in the ranking.

Pizzeria Peperone, Corralejo

In ninth place on the same list and also in Corralejo is the Peperone Pizzeria of which they describe that “yes are innovative and you want to taste varied and unique pizzas, this is your place. They have gluten-free options, and recommend their pizza with vegetables and majorero cheese or the onion and blue cheese “.

Oro di Napoli, Los Cristianos

A classic in the different awards is this place in the south of Tenerife. “The place to taste a delicious contemporary Neapolitan pizza in the Canary Islands. Its dough is soft, aromatic and digestive, where you can especially taste the ragout and calzone “, indicates the ’50 Top Pizza Europe ‘, a reference list drawn up annually by Italian experts and ranks this temple in fifth place.

Il Segreto Di Pulcinella, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In the sixteenth position of the aforementioned list of Tripadvisor, is Il Segreto Di Pulcinella, in the neighborhood of La Isleta in The Gran Canarian palms about which they say that “they boast of being the only and most authentic Neapolitan pizza in Las Palmas, and their elaborations corroborate this. In their menu, in addition to irresistible pizzas, they offer a great variety of Italian dishes from Neapolitan cuisine, dente and the best fish “.


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