Five Canarian Awards donate their works to support cancer patients in Ukraine

From left to right, Fernando Álamo, Pepe Dámaso and Paco Sánchez, yesterday, at the Casa de Colón during the presentation. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

Fernando Álamo, Pepe Dámaso, Maribel Nazco, Paco Sánchez and Cristino de Vera are the authors of the 75 original and solidarity folders

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

Renowned Canarian artists, all Canarian Fine Arts Awards, have come together in a solidarity initiative to create the
art folder 'Ukraine'whose sale will serve to support the
cancer patients from that country.

The initiative is part of
Fernando Alamo who has managed to gather for this cause
Pepe Damaso, Maribel Nazco, Paco Sanchez and Cristino de Vera who have donated a work for this purpose.

«For me and my colleagues it is an immense pleasure to be able to contribute with our art to
alleviate, to the best of our ability, the suffering of Ukrainian cancer patientsthat to their already delicate situation, they now have to add this cruel invasion, ”clarifies Fernando Álamo.

75 units

From the 'Ukraine' folder, which contains an original print signed and numbered by the artists,
a total of 75 units will be edited whose price amounts to 300 euros.

The edition
includes a text by the journalist and writer Juan Cruz RuizCanarias Prize for Literature, who defines these artists as "people who, apart from deserving the consideration and the prize that corresponds to the work that endorses them, now deserve the lightest and most powerful award in life: gratitude."

Some of the pieces that make up the folders. /

Juan Carlos Alonso

This limited edition folders
are put up for sale at the Spanish Association Against Cancer, both in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Calle Canalejas, 80 - passage) as in
Santa Cruz of Tenerife (San Francisco street, 5). Those interested in acquiring them can go to any of the two provincial headquarters of the Association.

In this way, the painting and the Canarian letters make
common front against the cruel Russian invasion of Ukrainegenerously committing himself to the suffering of so many thousands of people and, in a special way, to the suffering of Ukrainians suffering from cancer.


To carry out this charitable project, there has been
with the collaboration of the Fundación la Caixa through CaixaBanky the participation of the
Spanish Association against Cancer in the Canary Islandswhich will ensure the destination of the funds that are collected with the full sale of the 75 folders.

The folder, which was presented yesterday at the Casa de Colón in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,
will be released in Tenerife on June 9at the Cristino de Vera Foundation in La Laguna.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer is the reference entity in the fight against cancer
for 69 years.

Fernando Álamo presents the project during the event held at the Casa de Colón. /

Juan Carlos Alonso

It dedicates its efforts to showing the reality of cancer in Spain, detecting areas for improvement and launching a process of social transformation that allows them to be corrected in order to obtain a
comprehensive and multidisciplinary cancer.

Being by people's side is in her DNA, so her work is also aimed at helping them
prevent cancer; being with them and their families throughout the disease process, if diagnosed; and improve their future by promoting cancer research.

In this sense, through its Scientific Foundation, the Association brings together the social demand for cancer research, financing quality scientific cancer research programs through public competition. Today, it is the social and private entity that allocates the most funds to cancer research: 92 million euros in
525 projects, in which more than 1,000 researchers participate.

The Association integrates patients, family members, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, accompany affected people and finance cancer research projects that will allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Structured in 52 Provincial Headquarters, and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns, it has almost 30,000 volunteers, more than 500,000 members and almost 1,000 professionals. During 2021, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has treated 136,000 affected people.

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