April 16, 2021

Five books of the week | Babelia

Five books of the week | Babelia

This week 'Babelia' analyzes works by Patricio Fernández, Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Rafael Navarro de Castro and a volume dedicated to the filmmaker Francisco Regueiro.

Cuba. Journey to the end of the revolution

An essay on the island states that the utopia of a classless society where citizens produce what they can and receive what they need was shelved. Critique of JOAQUÍN ESTEFANÍA

In track chair

'In chair of track' is the closest thing to a proper memories that Miguel Ángel Aguilar will never write. Critique of JORDI GRACIA

The punishment

Tahar Ben Jelloun opts for minimalism, austerity and testimonial rigor to address human cruelty and the miseries of power. Critique of JESÚS FERRERO

The bare earth

Rafael Navarro de Castro narrates an epic of subsistence, 80 years of an existence of work in the field without leaving poverty. Criticism of FRANCISCO SOLANO

Francisco Regueiro. The importance of the devil

Álvaro Arroba and Fernando Ganzo guide the reader through an estimulant fragmentary journey through the secrets of the work of filmmaker Francisco Regueiro. Criticism of JORDI COSTA


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