July 26, 2021

Five better applications than those installed by default in the mobile – La Provincia

We are so used to the basic applications that already come in our devices that many times we do not realize that there are much better alternatives. And is that the 'apps' that have the operating systems of iOS or Android are basic tools that are offered to users to get the most out of their phones.

Although these applications are not bad, here we propose a series of alternatives with which you can enjoy even more of your 'smartphone'


If you are tired of theGmail 'app',we propose youAqua Mail.This free application stands out for having an intuitive and simple design. Among its other functions, with Aqua Mail you can add various widgets to the phone's home screen or automatically sort the received messages according to their importance.

Aqua Mail

In the case of iOS we haveSpark, a totally free 'app' created by the Readdle team. The most popular feature of this mail application is in itssmart inbox, which shows you the most important emails in the first place and leaves the bulletins for later.



Why settle for the 'app' of the mobile can take much better pictures? If you're looking to get the most out of your phone's camera, it's best if you get one of these applications. In the case of Android,Camera ZOOM FXis one of the most popular andhas a variety of shooting modes,filters and editing tools. This 'app' includes two versions: a free and a much more complete Premium that costs 3.99 euros.

Camera Zoom FX

If you have an iPhone,Camera +is one of the best alternatives that you will find to the camera that come with default phones installed by Apple. This 'app' has advanced editing tools and a very intuitive design. It is available in theApp Storeby3.49 euros.

Camera +


One of the best applications that exist to take notes on our mobile devices, both Android and iOS, isEvernote. This free 'app' allows us to scan documents, create shopping lists, search for phrases in yourhandwritten textsand many more options.

Music players

Apple Musicis integrated into iPhones throughMusic and iTunes, two applications not wanted by all. That is why some time ago Apple created an API so that developers could access Apple Music content and create applications as interesting as the one we propose in this case:Soor. This 'app' has an improved interface, compared to what comes by default in the mobile, and other interesting features such as its dark mode


If you have an Android and want to enjoy our music to the fullest,Shuttle Music PlayerIt is a good option to get it. This player is simple, intuitive and its features include the ability torecognize the lyrics of the songsthrough MusiXmatch or the automatic download of covers. The basic 'app' is free, but there is a paid version with even more improvements.

Shuttle Music Player

Photo galleries

Although the Photos application of the iPhone is quite complete, it can always be improved. That is what the developers probably thought ofSlidebox Photo Manager, an application with a very attractive design that allows you, among other things, to organize your photoseasily sliding the fingeror compare them to delete those that are very similar.

Slidebox Photo Manager

In the same way,Pikturesis an 'app' for Android with which you can organize yourphoto galleriesin a very simple way, either by date or location. A plus of this application is that it has a scannerQR code,something very useful if your 'smartphone' does not already have it integrated.



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