June 16, 2021

Five aspects to choose a neighborhood to live

Five aspects to choose a neighborhood to live


The house you are going to buy should respond to your needs, just as the area in which you live your day to day should transmit good vibrations. In a small town it is easier, but in a big city there are big differences between one district and another. Moreover, within the same district it is possible to find diametrically opposed neighborhoods. Since delimiting the search area helps to focus attention and save efforts, pisos.com gives you a series of tips that are sure to be useful:

1. An environment that fits you. Do you prefer large shopping centers or local stores? Do you like to have leisure on the doorstep and that there is always movement? Are you more than staying at home and enjoying the tranquility without noise? The neighborhood environment is almost as important as the number of rooms or square meters. You must opt ​​for an area according to your lifestyle to save on travel and not feel frustrated tomorrow.

2. Visit the neighborhood in person. To check the qualities of a particular neighborhood, nothing better than living the experience for yourself. Dedicate your free time to walk through the neighborhoods that interest you, and at different times. Only in this way you will find out if it is safe enough, whether it is well or poorly lit, what kind of endowments it has, the average age of the people living in it, whether it is loud or quiet, whether there is much or not traffic, etc.

3. Talk to neighbors. Put your investigative skills to work and ask the people you meet. There will be those who show themselves to be collaborators, while others will not be so hospitable. Collect the impressions of the people who live there because their opinions are very valuable. These are exceptional witnesses of how the neighborhood breathes, and the longer they live in it, the better. They can tell you if they feel happy there or if, on the contrary, they would like to move to another place.

4. Live in community. Neighborhood associations are the best place to take the pulse to where your future residence will be located. These organizations work to create links in the neighborhood through activities ranging from consumer groups to neighborhood gardens, through theater, computer or yoga workshops. Thanks to their strength they are able to achieve improvements in the administration.

5. Municipal investment. It does not hurt for you to know the plans of the corresponding city council regarding investments within the neighborhood that interests you. From the municipal district board they will be able to illustrate you about the next important actions that are going to be carried out. In Madrid, they carry out activities aimed at the promotion of health, the dissemination of culture, the practice of sport, support for education and health and commercial inspection.


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