Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Five aspects that you should value before buying a house with a pool


When we feel warm at home, air conditioning becomes an effective ally. But in addition to this element there is another that also triumphs during the summer season: the pool. If it is a building with blocks of houses in height we will talk about a community pool. In single-family chalets, there is not always space or money to install and maintain a pool for individual use. If you are thinking of buying a house in an urbanization with a swimming pool or a house that already has it incorporated in the garden, take note of these previous tips from

1 Maintenance costs – When the pool is the common element of the farm, the costs are shared among all the neighbors and it could be more bearable than paying for it alone if you live in a chalet. The difference is that when the pool is private, it is not necessary to have a lifeguard, and in the urbanizations it is something vital. On the other hand, the needs for cleaning or pH regulation are usually more demanding in community pools, which are subject to compliance with specific regulations.

2 Preventive measures – Although there is a lifeguard in the community pool, we must be aware that, if we have children, they must be under constant supervision, especially in times of great affluence. It is essential to identify the areas where they stand, as well as to prevent children from not swimming near the drains. The effort that will be made in prevention usually compensates with how well they spend it later. In a single pool you can have everything more controlled.

3 Safe revaluation – One of the aspects that most attracts the buyers of an apartment with a pool is that it is an element that pushes up the price at the time of re-selling the property in the future. It is a well considered extra, like the elevator or garage. Experts estimate the revaluation of a single-family home with a private pool at around 15%. In summer, the pool is also an excellent selling point.

4 Ideal for the whole family – Not only do children enjoy the pool, adults are also able to make the most of it. While it is true that, thanks to the pool, the smallest of the house will be entertained during virtually all holidays, this corner will also be appreciated by the elderly to disconnect from the stress of everyday life, socialize with neighbors, stay for a while al fresco and, why not, wear a nice tan.

5 Access to family and friends – If it is a house with a private pool, there will be no problem, but in the communal pools you have to follow a series of rules regarding the maximum number of guests per owner. The rules are usually established in the meetings, which is where you decide how many people outside the development will have permission to access the facilities. Likewise, questions such as bath time or use of the premises outside it will be put on the table.

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