November 24, 2020

Five arrested for selling fake tickets from the Classic for 800 euros – La Provincia

The National Police in the special device for the football match that took place last Sunday between Real Madrid and F.C Barcelona They arrested five people for selling fake tickets for the meeting.

Those arrested contacted potential buyers and offered them counterfeit tickets around the stadium Santiago Bernabeu at a price that ranged between 200 and 800 euros.

At the time of the arrest, as reported by the Chief of Police, they were seized 15 false entries, six mobile phones and 500 euros in cash. In addition, several victims who had already purchased tickets were found and found that they did not have the mandatory security measures.

The agents were able to verify that the detainees work in an organized way, distributing functions. Several of them were responsible for capturing the victims and offering them the fakesIf they prepared the sale, they communicated with those who had the greatest number of tickets, which were removed from the place.

The first wore a reduced number of tickets to hinder police action and not find them in possession of a large number of them.

Minutes before the game, those arrested came to offer a crew of civilian policemen, who were part of the special device, three false tickets to the “good price” 900 euros negotiable.

Therefore, they have been detained as alleged perpetrators of alleged perpetrators of the crimes of documentary scam and falsehood when selling illegitimate tickets for the sporting event.


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