January 28, 2021

Five arrested for a group rape in Bolivia broadcast from Spain

Five arrested for a group rape in Bolivia broadcast from Spain

The Bolivian police arrested five men, apparently members of a gang, for the gang rape of a young girl three years ago, which was discovered a few days ago after the broadcast of a video of the event on social networks from Spain, informed this Saturday sources official

The director of the Special Force Fight Against Crime of the Bolivian Police, Colonel Gonzalo Medina, told a press conference in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, where the events occurred, that the aggression took place at the 2016 Carnival.

The incident occurred in a car park where four young people were invited, one of whom was unconscious after consuming alcohol and being "doped" with barbiturates, the police said.

The girl was harassed by members of this gang and two of them recorded images of the attack, which were recently broadcast from Madrid on social networks, Medina said.

Apparently, a member of the group that resides in the capital of Spain broadcast the video through WhatsApp, according to Bolivian media.

The Minister of Government (Interior) of Bolivia, Carlos Romero, expressed in the appearance before the media his concern about this new case of group rape in Bolivia, in which a woman is treated "as if she were not a human being, as if it was an object of distraction. "

Romero said that the police acted quickly after detecting the video on social networks, to identify the alleged perpetrators, of whom he stressed that they are part of a "youth group."

The Bolivian Prosecutor's Office opened an official investigation on Thursday to identify the alleged cases through the images, in which some faces and tattoos are observed.

It was precisely in Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia, where last year a case with similar characteristics came to light, which became known as "the Bolivian herd", evoking a similar event in Spain.

In that case, the victim was an 18-year-old girl who was assaulted by five of her friends, a minor, in a motel in the city when several of them were under the influence of various drugs, according to court reports that were made public.

That event led to the five were sent to jail and a juvenile detention center, while a mixed court process continues.


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