Five arrested after the protest over the death of the bitch killed by an urban guard

Five arrested after the protest over the death of the bitch killed by an urban guard

The Mossos d'Esquadra stopped five people last night after a protest in the Plaza de España in Barcelona for the death of the dog 'Sota' on December 18, shot down by an agent of the Guàrdia Urbana, reported today to Efe the Catalan police.

Some 3,500 people, according to the Guàrdia Urbana, protested yesterday at 5:00 p.m. in Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona for the shooting of the dog by a local police officer from Barcelona, ​​who shot the dog after receiving a nip on the arm.

Two hours later, at 7:00 pm, another rally had been called on Gran Via, next to Plaza de Espanya, where the dog died. About 200 concentrates cut the street and at 22.00, the thirty people who were still in protest, they were forcibly evicted by the Mossos d'Esquadra, who charged harshly after protesters overturned containers and set fire to one of them.

"Without any previous warning, they have loaded from behind and ahead, pushing and shoving," Xavier Atance, one of the participants, told TV3, while another participant in the protest, Aarón Pérez, denounced that "before the charges have hit me four times in the back ". On the other hand, sources of the Mossos have indicated that "towards the 22.00 hours, the protest degenerated, with burning of containers, throwing of objects to the agents and alterations of the public order, reason why we had to act". At midnight, traffic was restored at the intersection between Gran Via and Plaza de España.

The events that led to these protests took place in the Plaza de Espanya in Barcelona, ​​when a patrol from the Urban Police wanted to identify a homeless person. The Guàrdia Urbana assured that the dog, named 'Sota', attacked the urban agent injuring him in one arm and the policeman, who feared for his life, shot him.

The Barcelona City Council lamented the death of the animal and announced that it will review the intervention protocols of the Urban Guard in case of dog attacks.

Colau: "It was a terrible fact"

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, said today that "the death of Sota – the dog shot by an urban guard – is a horrible fact", he recalled that the City Council keeps open an investigation to clarify what happened and advocates why not repeat a fact like that. "I will say it as many times as necessary: ​​the death of Sota has been a horrible fact, it has left us images of an infinite sadness. We will do everything in our power to clarify what happened in an investigation that remains open, "the mayor stressed.

"Not only do we have to know what happened and how, but also to prevent it from happening again in the future, improving the necessary protocols for action." For this last point, we have already made a first meeting with the entities that defend the rights of animals. and we have agreed to start working immediately, "he added.

The mayor, who says she needs "documentary evidence and witnesses who have witnessed the event and are willing to testify", to clarify if some versions circulating on the networks, which question the dog attacking the agent, are true.

Therefore, the municipality is tracking the surrounding cameras in search of images that capture the facts. "A testimony that relates to having witnessed what happened and that circulates on social networks does not serve as documentary evidence. Those who have witnessed in situ what happened should contact the City Council or if you prefer to file a complaint directly in the court ", specifies the mayor.

The internal affairs unit of the Guàrdia Urbana has taken over the investigation of the case, in which an independent veterinarian also participates to do the necropsy of Sota.

"We have the responsibility and we commit ourselves to clarify the facts. And to do it with total transparency. That's why we ask your help. So that the case of Sota does not happen again, neither in Barcelona, ​​nor in any other place ", has asked the mayor, who says that in his position he can not" speculate or prejudge based on images or messages circulating on the networks "

"We must first clarify what happened, with evidence on the table, and depending on the truth, take the appropriate measures, we are going to do it," says Colau.

The mayor also notes that "animals suffer and have suffered for too long different forms of abuse that have been considered acceptable by our society, that is changing and it is good news, but there is still much to be done".

In this sense, Colau recalled that Barcelona was a pioneer in banning bullfights and horse-drawn carriages, reserving a piece of beach for dogs and controlling the proliferation of pigeons in an ethical manner.



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