March 9, 2021

Fitur’s week culminates with optimism for Gran Canaria – La Provincia

TheFitur 2020 International Tourism Fair Week 2020culminates optimistically forGran Canariagiven the behavior of this market, in which the island has hatched strongly for its great versatility, so thatreceived more than 600,000 tourists in 2019They invested 150 million euros in spending their vacations in this island that offers mountain and beach, as well as sports, active tourism, gastronomy, stars, cultural, archeological and a magnificent Atlantic city unique in the environment.

The operators and airlines that met with the delegation of Gran Canaria, headed by the president of the Cabildo,Antonio Morales, and the Tourism Advisor,Carlos Alamo, highlighted all these virtues and expressed their commitment to the destination in the more than 40 meetings held in just three days, with which the forecasts point not only to the consolidation, objective of the Tourist Board, but to continue reaping certain increases.

So, thebillinguntil September it was 120 million euros in total, that is, in origin and destination, which represents a strong increase of 12 percent over the same period of the previous year, and provisional data already point to a closing of 150 million , although the final figure may be higher, which highlights the strength of Gran Canaria in the national market, which has discovered this island after several years of resistance and after an important incursion work carried out since theTourist Board.

Easttouristit isideal for Gran Canariabecause he likes to know its corners, its gastronomy, flees from the all-inclusive, enjoys its musical, cultural events and its villages, so that it distributes wealth to a greater extent, so much so that 80 percent ride trips by your account and only 20 travel with packages.

Record of air connections

In addition to the record of 1.7 million seats, 4.5 million more than in 2018, and the forecast of growth of 2 percent in winter and several tenths in summer, the volume of points with whichGran CanariaIt is connected to aspire to visitors from all over the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, so that 2019 culminated with connections with 21 airports, four more than the previous year, and 2020 will featuretwo new cities connected with Gran Canariaand finally this year will be no less than 23.

In this sense, it is also remarkable theprogressive decentralization of flights with Madridfor the benefit of the rest of the cities, so that the capital currently holds 48 percent of the summer places compared to 53 two years ago, and by summer 2020 there will be a new readjustment in favor of this decentralization.

TheGran Canaria connectionsThey already cover the entire map and go from La Coruña to Alicante and from Barcelona to Seville. In the last summer, the air seats with Madrid were more than 540,000, followed by 175,000 von Barcelona, ​​82,000 with Seville, and 62,000 with Malaga. Santiago de Compostela also had a good volume of 48,000 seats, followed by Bilbao with 44,200, Valencia with almost 38,000 and Asturias with about 13,500. Mallorca, Vigo, Melilla and Santander were also connected to Gran Canaria and will be this new year with two other cities.

Theforecastis that these figures, with readjustments between airports, maintain the total calculation next summer and even be exceeded, so the picture regarding national tourism in Gran Canaria revealed in Fitur 2020 is that it maintains its vigor.


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