Fitch raises Greece's score one step, to BB with positive outlook

The Fitch rating agency has raised the Greek debt score one step, from BB- to BB and has improved its "stable" to "positive" outlook, considering that political stability is facilitating the improvement of the sustainability of the debt and economic growth.

Fitch is the first agency that publishes a new rating this year and the first that places Greece at two levels of investment grade.

Standard & Poor's maintains long-term debt at three steps of the investment grade and Moody's at four, within the level of junk bond.

In its statement Fitch argues that the improvement in the score is due to the continuous improvement in debt sustainability, the sustainable increase in gross domestic product (GDP) and the fact that the country continues to exceed the fiscal objectives set by the creditors. .

In turn, the fact of improving the perspective to "positive" is given by the favorable expectations generated by the change of government last July.

According to the agency, the political stability that the conservative Executive is applying gives a greater certainty that the debt will continue to decrease.


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