Fitbit Charge 3: the most successful activity bracelet is renewed | Technology

Fitbit Charge 3: the most successful activity bracelet is renewed | Technology

Fitbit has decided to renew its weareable most successful with the launch of Fitbit Charge 3, the physical activity wristband you want to follow disputing this market to the big mobile brands like Samsung, Apple or Huawei, that every time they release more sophisticated devices for sports practice.

The main improvements with respect to Charge 2 are the screen, almost a third larger (34%) twice as bright and 20% lighter in Charge 3; longer battery life: up to two more days to reach a week, including sleep monitoring; more information on both notifications and app and that, for the first time, it becomes submersible up to 50 meters.

La Charge 3, like the other devices of the Californian company, has the advantage that it is compatible with all operating systems, both Apple's iOS and Google's Android, which has allowed it to sell 81 million weareables all over the world since he was born 11 years ago, of which 35 million have been bracelets.

In fact, according to Fitbit data, among consumers who considered buying a wearable In the last year, 45% preferred an activity wristband compared to 36% who wanted a smartwatch. The reasons are its finer design, having easier to use functionalities, offering an optimized experience and the price. In addition, IDC estimates that the activity bracelets market it will continue to represent an important part of the category in the coming years, although it will remain stagnant while that of the smartwatch will double.

Fitbit Charge 3 allows you to choose from more than 15 exercise modes, such as cycling, swimming, running, the weights or yoga; establish targets for calories burned, duration or distance traveled during the exercise; see real-time statistics, progress and celebrations on the device when reaching an objective.

Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit Charge 3

Submersible up to 50 meters

It incorporates the resistance to water up to 50 meters and allows you to see in real time from the wrist the times made with the Swimming Mode and uses the SmartTrack technology to record the lengths and the rhythm and analyze them after the exercise from the Fitbit application.

The bracelet is connected to the GPS of the mobile, records the route and distance traveled in real time and shows it in the app. In addition, the Run Detect function automatically starts Run mode when it starts to run, and pauses it when it stops (coming soon).

As it happened with the Versa, the Charge 3 monitors women's health thanks to the Fitbit application that records the symptoms of the menstrual cycle to help calculate the periods and soon the ovulation dates.

In addition to having health and fitness functions, Charge 3 has added multiple connectivity features. The user can now personalize and view calls, messages, calendar reminders and apps notifications (such as Facebook or Uber11), accept and reject calls, as well as respond instantly using pre-integrated or personalized quick responses (only for matching users) the bracelet with Android12 mobiles).

Applications such as alarm, clock or time are added and in the next updates the calendar and bookmark function will be added. In the future, a selection of popular applications, similar to those offered by Ionic and Versa.

The special edition of Charge 3 allows you to make payments contactless and the Fitbit Pay application, and it is available to users of Banco Santander, Carrefour Pass and Openbank in Spain and more than 100 financial institutions in 18 countries.

Charge 3 can already be purchased for € 149.95 in its version with black strap and aluminum case or blue-gray strap and aluminum case in pink gold. The special edition of Charge 3 with Fitbit Pay will be available soon for 169.95 euros. The price of accessories (belts) ranges between 29.95 and 69.95 euros.


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