Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Fishing in emerging countries is vital to improve the profitability of tourism - La Provincia

Fishing in emerging countries is vital to improve the profitability of tourism - La Provincia

Africa will triple its per capita income in the coming years. The twelve trillion dollars that annually destines the set of emerging countries to consumption will become 36 in just 25 years. In addition, "tourism in the Canary Islands ages at a tremendous speed and young people are in North Africa and Asia." Three ideas launched this Thursday by the director of International Marketing and Luxury ofThe English Court, Javier Fernández,during the 1st Quality Tourism Forum of Gran Canaria and that show the need to attract visitors in countries that were discarded a few years ago.

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The declared objective of the event was to position Gran Canaria as a benchmark for quality tourism. "The only objective is to improve the lives of the Canaries", explained Fernández himself. The director of El Corte Inglés stressed that the archipelago accumulatesthe highest number of overnight stays in Europe,"more than one hundred million" per year. This data is not sufficient to determine the impact of the accommodation activity on the Islands.

The idea that, in his opinion, underlies the high volumes of tourists that the Canary Islands receives is to achieve a better profitability of this circumstance and that it be allthe society which obtains the greatest benefit."All the contribution to increase spending," explained Javier Fernandez in reference to the disbursement made by travelers, "will come in the next 30 years of emerging countries."

The main ways to achieve this increase in spending are medical tourism and purchases. The model is already spinning. Thus, the manager of El Corte Inglés revealed thatMorocco is already the fourth market in purchases throughout Spainand "the most important on the Costa del Sol, it is not the Arabs or the Russians".

For his part, the general director of Economic Affairs with Africa of the Canary Islands Government,Pablo Martín Carbajal,He gave as an example the agreements signed with Senegal to sendpatients to the Islandsinstead of France as he has always been doing. A circumstance that begins to be noticed in the private clinical establishments of the Islands three years after signing the agreements. "We are in the deadlines," stressed the representative of the Canarian Executive on the period of usual maturity of the pacts that are made in the international arena.


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