First words of Paz Padilla after his dismissal from Mediaset Spain

First words of Paz Padilla after his dismissal from Mediaset Spain

The Paz Padilla's first words after announcing his sudden dismissal from Mediaset Spain They have arrived sooner than expected.

Since a few days ago the magazine readings exclusively published a cover in which he confirmed the definitive cessation of the comedian from the chain and that the communication group confirmed the news hours later, The woman from Cadiz has preferred to remain silent until now.

The bomb confirmed by the communication group led by Paolo Vasile has opened a ban in which everyone wanted to participate. Even Anthony David Floresfriend of the presenter and former collaborator of Save mehas come out in defense of the comedian assuring that her dismissal is due to a much more convoluted and murky question than the one published by the media.

The closest circle of Paz Padilla already knows the reaction of the presenter and actress, who has only given your version of events to her direct environment but someone very close to the comedian wanted to share with the media the first and surprising words of Padillawho is taking refuge in the theater to overcome this labor setback.

Pain, disgust and abandonment

According to sources close to the presenter, Paz Padilla has hit rock bottom and it is not explained why what the protagonist herself describes as "a witch hunt".

On the other hand, the humorist assures that she does not understand the "humiliating treatment" that he has received from those who were his program partners, from the media and shares with his environment that the reasons that have been given to justify his dismissal do not correspond to reality.

In addition, Padilla has confessed to her inner circle that she has no explanation for what has been done to her because "there are many colleagues who have threatened to leave the program and others, even, who have remained days or weeks without going to their job", collects the ABC newspaper.

However, the presenter what has hurt the most it has been that the opportunity to say goodbye to the audience has been taken from her and that none of her co-workers have called her to ask how she is doing.

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