March 4, 2021

First trailer of Mulán

Like it or not, the live action of "Mulán" has not started on the right foot; neither Mushu nor Cri-Kee nor the original songs will appear in the remake of the film, something that has not particularly suited the fans of the saga. However, this new wave of Disney movies revamped has a lot of pull and other films like "Aladdin", "Dumbo" or the next "The Lion King" have garnered good figures at the box office. Now it's up to one of the best feminist exponents of the company, that heroine who without the consent of anyone to be part of a purely masculine collective ends up repelling the invasion of the Huns, and this is their first trailer.

In the video you can see small traces of the film: basically, the teaser focuses on the beginning, when the family of Mulán decides to marry her and condemn her to a life she does not want; and in the battles, an important part of the film. One of the most impressive scenes of the film is that famous moment in which the Chinese army receives an attack of the Huns in the mountain and Mulán finishes provoking an avalanche that engulfs them; that appears in the trailer shown here.

The release of the film is scheduled for the year 2020 and will feature a large cast of actors composed of Liu Yisei (Mulán), Yoson An (Chen), Jason Scott Lee (Bori Khan) or Donnie Yen (Tung).

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