June 18, 2021

First strike in the history of the luxurious Palace hotel in Madrid against the announced dismissal of 152 workers

First strike in the history of the emblematic and luxurious Palace hotel in Madrid, which opened its doors in 1912. The CCOO union announced this Friday the decision of the works council to call a strike at the Westin Palace for May 15, 16, 20 and 21. The work stoppages try to prevent the dismissal that the hotel management, managed by the Marriott hotel chain, intends to apply to 44% of the workforce. Specifically, 152 workers out of a total of 346 employees, as reported by the union.

“After almost a month from the beginning of the file, there have been several meetings with the management of the company in the period of consultations without being able to reach an agreement,” says the union in a statement.

In CCOO they have denounced their fear that the intention of the ERE, “presented by the investment fund Archer that owns the Westin Palace Hotel, is to dismiss 152 workers with rights, and then replace it with outsourced workers, who in the short term will get out of it. cheaper, as it has already been doing at the Arts hotel in Barcelona, ​​which is owned by the same property “.

“The hotel workers have decided to take another step in the mobilizations and after six concentrations with a massive attendance, around 300 people, they have called these days of strike as a measure of pressure,” adds the letter. CCOO sources confirm to elDiario.es that it is an important step in the hotel, whose construction was commissioned by King Alfonso XIII, in which there has never been a strike.

The union criticizes the numerous layoffs in the midst of the pandemic as “nonsense and a lack of social responsibility” after the approved ERTEs and the public aid they entail. The workers’ representatives emphasize that “all the experts predict a rapid recovery after the arrival of the vaccine”, which is why they consider that “the worst” of the pandemic has passed, which is the cause of the tourist limitations.

ERTE or reduction of working conditions, but not layoffs

In CCOO they continue to insist that the solution to this labor conflict “happens because there are no forced dismissals.” The union indicates that it is “exploring” the possibility of “voluntary assignments to the compensation offer proposed by the company”, although it considers that “the excess of workforce that could occur due to the expected production levels must be resolved with a tool that has amply demonstrated its effectiveness, as is the ERTE for Covid causes “.

In the union they indicate that “the workforce is willing to make sacrifices so that there are no layoffs”, having accepted the substantial modifications of the working conditions proposed by the management of the company in addition to the ERTE “if this avoids the amortization of the jobs “.

In statements to the Europa Press agency, the company has assured that, after evaluating all possible options, the hotel has made the “difficult decision” to propose a restructuring of the team “, due in large part to the impact of the pandemic in the form in which people travel, so “a complicated business environment for a long time” is expected.

“With guests choosing their vacations closer to home, changing demand for business travel and a reduction in conference and event hosting, we are likely to experience a challenging business environment for a long time,” the company explained. .


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