Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

First sanctions against Cabify for not complying with the 15-minute pre-contract in Catalonia

Primeras sanciones a Cabify por no cumplir con la precontratación de 15 minutos en Catalunya

The Government of Catalonia has opened records sanctioners Prestige Limousine, the signature with which Cabify returned to give service in Barcelona, ​​for "breaching" with the obligation that their rental vehicles with driver (VTC) he contract with a minimum advance of fifteen minutes.

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The Executive opens this file after having "verified in inspections at street level" that does not respect this advance with the new signature and the new service with which the platform returned to operate in Barcelona after the regulatory change of the VTC.

This file sanctioner It is added to the information file that the Regional Ministry of the Territory of the Generalitat already opened on March 11 to the mobility company founded and directed by Juan de Antonio and whose instruction is ongoing.

In fact, in parallel to the opening of the disciplinary proceedings, the Government has decided to extend the term given to the company within 10 days, within the framework of the information file so that "it can report clearly and unequivocally on the way it is operating in Catalonia. "And also explain how you guarantee respect and compliance with the obligation to hire your cars with fifteen minutes notice.

The Government gives ten days to the company to "report clearly and unequivocally on how it is operating in Catalonia"

The Generalitat extends this term by finding that the "documentation provided so far" by Prestige Limousine "lack information to be able to conclude if it complies with the standard".

With the opening of informative file, the Government urged the company to clarify the terms of contracting and provision of the VTC service, according to the Generalitat in a press release.

Specifically, he asked Cabify to detail the services performed between March 7 and 10, subsequent to the entry into force of the new regulations, and even urged him to detail the time of hiring and the start of the service provision.

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