February 27, 2021

First pages of the newspapers that arrived to our editorial office tonight

First pages of the newspapers that arrived to our editorial office tonight

The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our editorial office include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: "May resists rebellion in his Government and appeals to Parliament"; "The Council of State supports limiting the appraisals to public work"; "Mexico reinforces the role of the Army to fight against violence"; "Sánchez seeks to take hold and corner the PP in Andalusia"; "The blockade in Catalonia leaves 30 organisms without renewing."

THE WORLD: "May saves her Brexit without giving in to the sovereignty of Gibraltar"; "The CGPJ requires Marlaska 'effective protection measures' to judge Llarena"; "The 'premier' holds the type despite the resignations"; "Andalusia dirime 40 years of hegemony of the PSOE and the PP-Cs struggle"; "Discomfort among the self-employed when denying Valerio the agreement of a day before".

THE VANGUARD: "May clings to her Brexit despite the wave of resignations"; "Andalusia opens the electoral cycle with the center-right in dispute"; "The torrential rain causes almost 1,400 incidents"; "Barcelona suffered more than 560 daily crimes in summer"; Josep Sánchez Llibre: "I will seek complicity with the Government to promote stability."

ABC: "May tries to save her agreement and her position"; "The 'premier' resists a hostile Parliament, a divided party and a cascade of resignations among its ministers, and says it will go ahead with its Brexit plan."

THE NEWSPAPER: "The 'brexit' adds to the chaos in the United Kingdom"; "May, on the edge of the abyss after the resignations in series in his Government and the fierceness of the Parliament"; "The Supreme orders to return to the gas users the toll of the Castor"; "Spain falls to Croatia and expects a miracle at Wembley."

EL CORREO: "The scandal of the OPE costs the charge to the general director of Osakidetza"; "The 'Brexit' crumbles the Government of May"; "11 years in prison for the ex-teacher of Gaztelueta for abusing a student"; "PNV and Bildu criticize the highest judicial authority in Euskadi for questioning the right to decide."

THE REASON: "May and his Brexit in the abyss"; "The Board places the daughter of the Minister of Health in a hospital days after finishing the MIR"; "Exodus of judges in Catalonia: 43 leave their place in just one year"; "The murderer of Pioz: in prison at least 22 years"; "Sánchez will not submit Budgets if the PDeCAT modifies them".


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