July 28, 2021

First pages of the newspapers that arrived to our editorial office tonight

First pages of the newspapers that arrived to our editorial office tonight

The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our editorial office include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: "Spain asks the EU to give more funds to Rabat for migration"; "The prosecutor criticizes the closing of three pieces of the 'Villarejo case'"; "Brazil lives the most turbulent elections of its democracy"; "The microcosms of young García Márquez"; David Bonvehí, president of PDeCAT: "I am not a supporter of ultimatums."

THE WORLD: "Saudi Arabia vetoed the Government of Sanchez at the inauguration of the AVE to Mecca"; "Vox claims in Madrid with a radical attack against PP and Cs"; "Any type of physical or psychological punishment to children is prohibited"; "The welfare state destroys people."

ABC: "Sánchez monopolizes the foreign agenda and restricts that of the King"; "The president has made fifteen official trips abroad while Felipe VI has four months without any."

THE NEWSPAPER: "Ultra Alert"; "Vox gathers 10,000 people in the biggest right-wing act in decades"; "The party feeds its peak by attacking proces, immigration and feminism"; "Without children for reporting abuses"; "Barça give the lead in Valencia (1-1)"; "A standing Liceu surrenders to the myth of Caballé".

EL CORREO: "1,813 Basques with sexual crimes are prohibited from working with minors"; "Athletic will return for Herrera this winter"; "Hybrids poke their heads in a market where gasoline reigns"; "The extreme right revolutionizes Brazil"; "Spectacular Márquez".

THE REASON: "Sanchez will send fictitious Budgets to Brussels"; "Torra will resuscitate the disconnection laws"; "Vox exhibemúsculo with his message" anti ":" The Spaniards, first "," Casado will vacant the presidency of honor of the PP "," Brazil votes divided if it gives power to a leader of the extreme right. "


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