March 8, 2021

First pages of the newspapers arrived tonight at our newsroom

The first editions of the main newspapers that arrived at our newsroom include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: “Sánchez offers communities to shorten the de-escalation phases”; “How to deal with local outbreaks. Contagions reappear in specific areas as confinement is relaxed”; “The minimum income comes to the rescue of 850,000 families”; “Josep Borrel, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy:” We are taking a qualitative leap in European solidarity “”; “Netanyahu, defiant in court in the trial against him.”

EL MUNDO: “The Autonomous Communities demand not to reward Bildu and ERC in the reconstruction”; “Some communities will emerge from the state of alarm” in the coming days “”; “The new school that will come in September: without paper or balls”; “CEOE distrusts Sánchez and does not believe that he refuses to repeal the labor reform”; “Rafael Doménech, economist:” If the right policies are applied, we will not need the bailout. “

LA VANGUARDIA: “Sánchez weighs up the end of the state of alarm”; “Hospital Clínic relaunches its transfer plan in Barcelona”; “Experts are suspicious of the effectiveness of temperature control.”

ABC: “The government’s assessment falls to its minimum. Only one in four approves of Sánchez’s management and the majority censors his agreement with Bildu, according to the ABC / GAD3 barometer”; “The Macron Executive recommends not booking vacations in Spain due to Sánchez’s” contradictory “policy.”

EL PERIÓDICO: “The virus now challenges primary health care”; “The Government plans to speed up the alarm’s output”; “The personal income tax of 2020 will go out to pay for millions of unemployed by the Ertes”; “European states come to the rescue of strategic companies”; “The double life of the most wanted pedophile”.

THE MAIL: “Euskadi today takes another step towards the end of the restrictions after the first day without deaths”; “The Government maintains its commitment to the PNV as a” stable “ally”; “The operating rooms, 100% in June”; “The rebellion of the MIRs against the new formula. They distrust the telematic process imposed by the Government to award the places”; “A new Cold War. He believes irresponsible that Trump blames him for the pandemic”; “Authorized the visit to the nursing homes”; “Tamara Yagüe, president of the Federation of Metal Companies:” The aid is insufficient and the great bureaucracy that it implies makes them less agile “”.

THE REASON: “Illa learned of the risk of the Covid-19 eleven days after arriving to office”; “Gonzalo Sánchez, president of the consultancy PwC Spain:” “We must help companies with tax and labor reforms” “;” Sánchez announces that there will be a CC AA that will come out of the state of alarm in a few days “;” Urkullu’s message to Moncloa: “We are puzzled” “;” Europe warns that if the labor reform is touched aid is in danger “.


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