March 8, 2021

First pages of the newspapers arrived tonight at our newsroom

The first editions of the main newspapers that arrived at our newsroom include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: “The Civil Guard report on 8-M is riddled with errors”; “Brussels bets on combining loans and subsidies in its recovery plan”; “The museums of Malaga, open and free”; “The experts agree: the impact of the 8-M was minimal. The ‘number two’ of the Civil Guard resigns due to the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos”; “New units in ‘postcovid hospitals’. Inconsistencies and opacity in the data”; “The pandemic brings down the pension bill for the first time.”

EL MUNDO: “The Civil Guard suspects that the Government is hiding data from 8-M. The PP, Ciudadanos and Vox demand that the Interior Minister resign”; “The Marlaska purge unleashes the greatest crisis in the Institution since Roldán”; “Health allowed Phase 1 to CCAA that did not meet the test requirements”; “The Bank of Spain asks that the EU does not finance the” opportunists “”; “The Donors Conference achieves 2,500 million for Venezuelan emigration.”

LA VANGUARDIA: “The management of the Civil Guard report opens a crisis in the Interior”; “The wards are no longer hospitals”; “The EU unveils a recovery plan that combines loans and transfers”; “The virus causes 200 million losses in public transport”; “Disruption in the count of victims of the Covid-19”.

ABC: “Marlaska used three superiors of the colonel to pressure him. A lieutenant general and a general called Pérez de los Cobos to ask him if the judicial police had reported to the judge about the actions of the government delegate on May 8. The general director insisted that it was a “very sensitive” issue for the Executive, but she received the same response: that it was a judicial matter and that she did not know the details. The jurists affirm that the minister asked the colonel to commit a crime. “

EL PERIÓDICO: “The crisis between the Interior and the Civil Guard is growing with a resignation”; “Barcelona and Madrid, in phase 1 with double covid”; “The ‘underground’ metro. The L-1 crosses in 40 minutes three sanitary areas between which Salut prohibits traffic”; “Brussels tries to satisfy the north and south with its reconstruction plan”; “The pandemic will change the format of popular races.”

THE REASON: “Crisis in the Civil Guard:” Honor is not bought. “The DAO Laurentino Ceña leaves his post after the” political cessation “of the colonel;” “The 8-M should not have been celebrated.” The Benemérita report delivered to the judge concludes that the Government has known since January “the real gravity of the pandemic” “;” Illa included in the reports data and measures subsequent to its signing “;” Moncloa prepares a decree in case it fails support to extend the alarm “;” Coronavirus deaths cause the first drop in pension spending “;” The Government brings to Congress the suspension of Franco’s noble titles “.


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