Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

First pages of the newspapers arrived tonight at our newsroom

The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our writing include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: “Married takes the crisis with the Basque PP to the limit by the coalition with Cs”; “The EU fails in its attempt to approve the first post-Brexit era budget”; “Yulimar Rojas ‘flies’ in Madrid. The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas yesterday broke the world record detriple jump in covered track at the meeting in Madrid”; “Italy isolates 10 villages for 16 cases of the coronavirus”; “The German SPD asks to watch the extreme right after the killing of Hanau”; “Castells promises to end the precariousness of the associate professors.”

EL MUNDO: “Sanchez places Iglesias on the commission that controls the CNI. The PNV says he will collect the contributions and pay the pensions”; “50,000 people isolated by the coronavirus in Italy”; “The European Union fails in its first distribution of funds without the United Kingdom”; “The PP seals its pact in the Basque Country with Cs and challenges Alonso:” Either accept or leave “”; “Trump purges the intelligence chief for warning of another ‘Russiagate'”; “The intelligent office that suppurates lipoatrophy”; “First permit for Rato after 16 months in jail”.

LA VANGUARDIA: “Madrid goes into a thunderstorm against Sánchez for fiscal harmonization. Ayuso Day accuses the Government of” giving Social Security to the Basque Country “while trying to” raise taxes on Madrid “; “Empty streets due to the virus in Italy”; “Crisis declared in Barça that opens the door to an electoral advance”; “Hard clash of the Basque PP with Casado by the electoral pact with Citizens”; “The EU fails in its attempt to agree the budget”; “Barcelona. The Chinese community finishes the quarantine”; “New law against false freelancers”.

ABC: “Ayuso accuses Sánchez of besieging Madrid and yielding to the Basque Country. The autonomies of the PP fear that Montero will impose a tax increase, while Social Security lawyers warn that the pact with the PNV puts the single box “.

THE NEWSPAPER: “Italy isolates almost 50,000 inhabitants from the virus. The Government asks 10 northern towns to be confined after the contagion of 17 residents”; “Storm in Bularia for the case of money laundering in BCN”; “The EU ranks in the first budget after the ‘brexit'”; “The Basque leader of the PP rebels against the coalition with Cs”; “A riot on the board of Barça corners Bartomeu.”

THE MAIL: “Ermua will close the windows again if the fire is revived”; “Married requires Alonso to accept his pact with Cs or leave the direction of the Basque PP”; “Italy isolates 50,000 residents of ten villages by an outbreak of coronavirus”; “The EU summit fails to approve the first Budgets after Brexit.”

THE REASON: “Genoa pushes Alonso to resign after agreeing with Cs without his endorsement”; “The cut of the dynamite field the EU summit”; “” Delcygate “: Uncontrolled suitcases were not” diplomatic bag “; “Podemos and IU will not complete their merger in Vistalegre”; “Ads without celebrities and bets from eight in the afternoon.”


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